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Bill Robertson Thanksgiving 2014

CEO Message: Happy Thanksgiving

Posted Nov 26, 2015 ( comments)
For all that we have received, may we be truly grateful, writes President and CEO Bill Robertson.Read Article arrow

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Managing diabetes during the holidays

Posted on Nov. 20, 2015 ( comments)
Quit Smoking for Good

4 tips to quit smoking for good

Posted on Nov. 19, 2015 ( comments)

In recognition of the Great American Smokeout, we reached out to a MultiCare Wellness Dietitian and Health Educator for tips on how to quit smoking for good.

Women walking in park

Downsizing stress

Posted on Nov. 10, 2015 ( comments)

In recognition of Mental Health Wellness Week, Nov. 8–14, four MultiCare experts share their tips for reclaiming your calm.

Flu shot

Why should you get the flu vaccine?

Posted on Oct. 22, 2015 ( comments)

Flu season typically peaks in December or later, but it's important to get your flu shot ahead of time for maximum protection.


Take emergency preparedness action

Posted on Sep. 18, 2015 ( comments)

Is your family ready for an emergency? Storms, earthquakes, floods and wildfires all pose safety risks you can prepare for.

Healthy lunch tips for back-to-school season

Posted on Sep. 4, 2015 ( comments)
Healthy school lunch

Build a better bento box

Posted on Sep. 2, 2015 ( comments)
Road trip food and key

12 healthy snack ideas for a summer road trip

Posted on Jul. 31, 2015 ( comments)

Taking a summer road trip? Try these tips for healthy snack planning.

Coconut Oil Latte

4 tips for cutting back on sugar in coffee, plus a coconut-oil latte recipe

Posted on Jul. 28, 2015 ( comments)

Looking to cut back on sweetened coffee drinks? Try easing into it with these tips, plus a coconut-oil coffee recipe.

Trans fats

FDA bans trans fats

Posted on Jun. 25, 2015 ( comments)

The FDA announced last week that trans fats are no longer “generally recognized as safe” and all food manufacturers must eliminate them from products by 2018.