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Whole 30 Foods Collage

The whole truth about Whole30

Posted Mar 26, 2015 ( comments)
A MultiCare dietitian weighs in on the popular Whole30 diet trend.Read Article arrow

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Recipe: Detox salad

Posted on Mar. 20, 2015 ( comments)
This flavorful salad is filled with healthy ingredients. Enjoy it as a main dish, a snack or serve it as a side.

Recipe: Winter panzanella salad

Posted on Feb. 13, 2015 ( comments)
winter panzanella salad

Recipe: Fried quinoa with veggies

Posted on Jan. 28, 2015 ( comments)
Quinoa recipe

Recipe: Sparkling cranberry brie bites

Posted on Dec. 17, 2014 ( comments)
Holiday Cranberries
pumpkin soup

Healthy Thanksgiving recipe: Pumpkin soup

Posted on Nov. 25, 2014 ( comments)
Try this pumpkin soup recipe that is pleasing to the palate and diabetic-friendly.
Eggs - Days of the week 02

Breakfast in a flash

Posted on Sep. 10, 2014 ( comments)
Our nutritionist offers tips and recipes for fixing your breakfast in a jiffy.
Beets and arugula

Vegetable throwdown: Beets vs. arugula

Posted on Jul. 7, 2014 ( comments)
In our second story comparing healthy vegetables, we look at the leafy greens arugula and beets and share tasty recipes for both.
kale vs chard

Vegetable throwdown: Kale vs. chard

Posted on Jun. 26, 2014 ( comments)
Which of these nutrient-packed vegetables is the winner in this contest of the leafy greens?

Recipe: Two ways to style Greek yogurt

Posted on Jun. 11, 2014 ( comments)
To celebrate Greek yogurt we have two recipes to share. Bananas, dates, honey and berries enhance the nutritional profile the Greek yogurt to help you get your day started in a delicious and nutritious way.
granola final

Recipe: Everyday granola

Posted on Jun. 2, 2014 ( comments)
This granola is a nutritious and comforting addition to your breakfast lineup. It also makes a perfect snack, topping for yogurt or crunchy addition to a yummy smoothie.