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Joint Replacement

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Don't Let Joint Pain Hold You Back

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Joint pain in your knees, hips, shoulders or ankles can be a real barrier to even simple day-to-day activities — from getting out of bed to embracing our loved ones. Joint replacement can mean moving without pain, doing the things you love without worrying you’ll hurt too much, and opening up a more active lifestyle.

Physical therapy and lifestyle changes can help with joint problems, but sometimes total joint replacement is the only solution to solving the problems that can come with aging, arthritic or otherwise damaged joints.

MultiCare’s comprehensive Joint Replacement Program offers you personalized, goal-oriented, coordinated care, including:

Surgical expertise. Our surgeons are joint replacement specialists who perform these complex surgeries every day. Working with you, they can evaluate your joint pain to determine if joint replacement is right for you. We know that surgery shouldn't always be the first option.

Personal Joint Coordinators. When you participate in MultiCare's Joint Replacement Program, you are assigned your own Joint Coordinator. This personal navigator will help guide you through the process of joint replacement, from pre-operative education to treatment, rehabilitation and beyond.

Dedicated facilities. Our joint replacement program features dedicated hospital beds and nursing staff for joint replacement patients, separate from the general hospital population.

For more information on joint replacement surgery at MultiCare, please contact us at 253-792-6555 in Pierce County or 253-372-6555 in King County.

Dr. Han Discusses Joint Replacement Surgery

Michael Han, MD, MultiCare Orthopedic Surgeon, discusses total joint replacement surgery in this video.

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