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Joint Replacement

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Total Joint Program


Joint replacement can minimize or alleviate joint pain, allowing you to live a more active lifestyle. So much of our daily lives depends on being pain-free. Simple activities - such as getting out of bed, bathing, cooking, walking, climbing stairs, bending over to pick up the paper and putting your arms around someone - require joint movement and pain has no place in these activities. Joint replacement can mean moving without pain, doing the things you love without worrying you’ll hurt too much, and opening up a more active lifestyle. Joint replacement

If your MultiCare Orthopedic Specialist has suggested joint replacement surgery, it’s likely you’ve spent a long time exploring more conservative fixes for your joint pain. Physical therapy and lifestyle changes can help with joint problems, but sometimes total joint replacement is the only solution to aging, arthritic, irreversibly damaged or eroded joints.

The MultiCare orthopedic surgeons perform these complex surgeries every day and most patients now find themselves free of joint pain, thanks to successful joint replacement at MultiCare. Our surgical facilities at MultiCare Allenmore Hospital, MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital and MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital offer the Tacoma-South Sound region’s most advanced services and the latest technologies in joint replacement, as well as an ideal healing environment. MultiCare's orthopedic specialists focuses on each patient's successful joint replacement and full recovery.

For more information on joint replacement surgery at MultiCare, please contact us at 253-792-6555 in Pierce County or 253-372-6555 in King County.