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Physician Leadership Council

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MultiCare Health System Physician Leadership

The Physician Leadership Council (PLC) at MultiCare Health System (MHS) was formed to provide physician leadership and guidance for the health system in areas of strategy, quality and operations and the interplay of these areas. The Council is convened on the premise that MHS will only attain its long-term goals through alignment with and engagement of its physician and provider partners, both employed and community-based.

Medical VP - Clinical Informatics
Ph: 253-403-7307
Email: N/A

David Chen

David Chen, MD
VP - Medical Affairs Good Samaritan
Ph: 253-697-1986, Fax: 253-697-5164

Medical Director - Case Management
Ph: n/a, Fax: n/a
Email: n/a

Christopher Kodama

Christopher Kodama, MD
Medical VP - Clinical Operations
Ph: 253-403-1844, Fax: 253-403-1112

Kevin Murray

Kevin Murray, MD
Medical VP - Primary Care
Ph: 253-680-6005, Fax: 253-403-2915

Jim Polo

Jim Polo, MD
Medical Director - Mary Bridge Children's Hospital
Ph: 253-403-1420

Lester Reed

Lester Reed, MD
Senior VP - Quality
Ph: 253-403-2877, Fax: 253-403-1180

Claire Spain-Remy

Claire Spain-Remy, MD
Senior VP - MultiCare Medical Associates
Ph: 253-403-1087, Fax: 253-403-1180

George Williams

George Williams, MD
Medical VP - Specialties
Ph: 253-680-6024, Fax: 253-680-6002

Elizabeth Wheeler

Elizabeth Wheeler, MD
Physician Executive
Ph: 253-403-4925