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Physical Therapy

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Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Therapy may include exercise, ultrasound or electrical stimulation for pain relief, and a variety of manual techniques. Physical therapy objectives may include improving a patient's range of motion, strength, balance, flexibility, coordination, endurance, safety and independence.

Our philosophy of care is based on teamwork, with you as the most important member of the team. Our staff will develop a plan of care designed for your specific needs and goals. Once we’ve helped you reach your therapy goals and regain lost function, we’ll design a program of home exercises to help keep you healthy.

If specialized care is needed, we have access to all the resources and medical specialties offered by MultiCare.

Physical Therapy services are available at several locations:

MultiCare Auburn Health Center (Cross Street)
253-876-8190 / Fax 253-876-8186

MultiCare Covington Clinic
253-372-7030 / Fax 253-372-7032

MultiCare Good Samaritan Regional Rehabilitation Center
253-697-2700 / Fax 253-697-5157

MultiCare Gig Harbor North YMCA
253-530-8970 / Fax 253-858-1143

MultiCare Good Samaritan Medical Building
253-697-2340 / Fax 253-697-2346

MultiCare Tacoma Rehabilitation Clinic
253-459-6999 / Fax 253-459-698

MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital & Regional Cancer Center
253-403-1040 / Fax 253-403-4873

Physical Therapists

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