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MultiCare Institute for Research & Innovation

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Do You Want to Paticipate a Clinical Trial/Study?

Clinical trials are at the heart of most medical advances, while looking at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat disease. As a participant in a trial/study, you'll have access to high-quality medical care, be able to help others in the future and may, in some cases, have a portion of the treatment paid for by the clinical trial.

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Where Patients are Key to Progress

Patients are Key

MultiCare Health System's focus is on patient care, medical researchers and doctors conduct medical research at the individual patient level—real-life MultiCare doctors working with real-life patients on real-world solutions.

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Innovative Neurological Treatments

Dr. William Morris

The MultiCare Neuroscience Center of Washington has been active in medical research for new and innovative treatments for many of the devastating neurologic diseases that affect the Tacoma-South Sound community.

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Supports the medical research taking place at the MultiCare Institute for Research & Innovation

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