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Hip IllustrationSecond only to the knee in size, the hip joint allows us to bend, squat, take short or long strides, sit and balance, among many other important movements. The hip is made up of two main parts: a ball at the top of the thighbone and the rounded socket in the pelvis. Good hip function means we can dance, twist and turn, walk and run as we like. The hips gives us support and help keep us stable in our upright position. 

Discomfort and stiffness in the hips as a result of exercise, unusual activity or growth can happen at any age, but most often after the age of 45. Arthritis is the most common cause of hip pain and disability. Hip fracture is a frequent problem as people age and their bones weaken from osteoporosis and balance becomes compromised.

Common problems with the hip

Hip Action

Diagnosis at MultiCare

Your initial appointment with a MultiCare orthopedic physician will include a full evaluation of your symptoms and recent activities. Establishing the source of the problem is the first step and will help determine your course of care. We may require x-rays, an MRI or a CT scan.

Treatment at MultiCare

MultiCare physicians are experienced in a wide range of treatment options for hip pain, injury and aging, which might include: