Tacoma General Hospital

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Hospital Amenities

An ATM is located on the third floor between the cafeteria and the Atrium Gift Shop. It is associated with Columbia Bank. Debit cards may also be used for cafeteria services.

The cafeteria at Tacoma General is located on the third floor and is open:
Monday through Friday
     6:30 am to 7 pm
     1:30 to 4 am

Saturday to Sunday
     7:30 am to 7 pm

The Expressions Deli is open 24 hours per day. It provides hot sandwiches, salads, soup, pastries, espresso and other snacks and drinks. It is adjacent to the cafeteria on the third floor.

Chaplain Services
Through Pastoral Care, all patients and families can meet with a non-denominational hospital chaplain for counseling and spiritual support. If you would like a pastoral visit, please ask your nurse to contact the chaplain or call 253-403-1125. Your own clergy is also welcome to visit at any time. A non-denominational chapel is located on the fourth floor near the surgery waiting area and is available to you 24 hours a day. Please ask your nurse or the unit secretary for directions.

Gift Shops
The Atrium and Mary Bridge Gift Shops, staffed by volunteers, are open daily except holidays. These gift shops are located in or near the main lobby of the hospital on the 3rd floor. The gift shops can be contacted at 253-403-1488.

Gift Shop hours:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday
9am to 5:00pm

Tuesday and Thursday
9:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday and Sunday
12:00pm to 4:00pm

The Mom and Baby Boutique is located on 3J near the J wing elevators and is open daily. This store has a great selection of products and gifts for mom and baby such as maternity and nursing clothing, preemie clothing, car seats, breast pumps and supplies, books and more. Certified bra fitters can come to your room to help fit you. Rental breast pumps, newborn scales and lactation services can be arranged through the boutique by calling 253-403-6081.

Mom and Baby Boutique hours:
Monday through Friday
9am to 5pm

11am to 4pm

Noon to 3pm

Information Desk
The Information Desk is located next to the third floor main entrance and lobby. Staff and volunteers are available to help locate patients, staff and departments. Information about buses, taxes, and other transportation is also available. They will also locate and/or provide wheelchairs if needed.

Mail and Flower Delivery
Volunteers will deliver mail, flowers and gifts during your stay with us. If mail arrives after your discharge it will be forwarded to your home address. The Atrium Gift Shop has stamps and stationery for purchase. Stamped outgoing mail may be given to your nurse or a volunteer.

Massage Therapy
We are happy to offer a full range of massage techniques including Swedish, Therapeutic, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Pre/Post Operative, Infant and Seated Massage, just to name a few. The massage therapy program is available from 9am to 7pm, Monday through Friday. Please call 253-403-4526 to schedule an appointment.

Complimentary newspapers are delivered to patient rooms each morning. They are also available free of charge in the cafeteria.

Nutrition Services
We work very hard to provide nutritious meals that are prepared according to your doctor’s orders. Patients are served breakfast between 7:15 and 8:30am, lunch between 11:15am and 12:30pm and dinner between 4:45 and 6pm.

If you are scheduled for a special test or treatment, your meal may be delayed. Whenever possible, your meal will be served after your special test or treatment. A diet assistant will bring you a menu so that you can order your meals for the next day. Please mark your menu and have it ready for pickup when they return to see you. If you have difficulty making menu selections, the diet assistant will be able to help you. If you are on special diet prescribed by your doctor, some items may be substituted.

If a family member or friend would like to eat in your room with you, they may purchase a “to go” meal in the cafeteria and take it back to your room. A guest meal tray can be delivered if they prefer not to leave your room. Costs are $4 for breakfast, $5 for lunch and $6 for dinner. Exact change is appreciated. Guest trays have a choice of beverage and a preset menu.

Free valet parking is available at the main hospital entrance on Martin Luther King Jr. Way and at the emergency department entrance on J Street.

Additional parking for patients and visitors is available in the Baker Center Garage across from the main entrance of the hospital on Martin Luther King Jr. Way. This is validated parking free of charge for the first two hours. Your ticket can be validated at the main information desk.

Free parking with no time limit is available in the Fifth Street Garage also located on Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

If your vehicle is over six feet eleven inches high, contact Security Dispatch Center at 403-1013 for access to another lot that will accommodate you. RV parking is also available. Please call ahead to our Security Reception at 403-1182 to make arrangements. Please be sure to lock your car. If for some reason you need assistance with your vehicle, please call the Security Dispatch center at 403-1013.

Public Notary
Notary services are available for hospitalized patients. If you need a notary, please notify your unit staff or call 253-403-1640. These services may only be available limited hours.

We are proud that Tacoma General Hospital is a smoke-free facility. Smoking is strictly prohibited throughout the hospital and on hospital grounds for the protection of our patients and staff.

Telephones are provided in each room, except in the intensive care unit. Patients may receive calls in their rooms from 7am to 9pm unless alternate arrangements have been made through the operator. Local calls may be made at any time from the room by dialing 9 and the number. Long distance and toll calls can be made at any time by dialing 9 and then 0 and then the number. Long distance calls cannot be charged to your room. You can make a credit card call or charge a long distance call back to your home number. Your family and friends can call you in your room by dialing the main hospital number (403-1000) and asking the operator to connect the call.

Televisions are in each room. Please be considerate of other patients by keeping the volume low and by turning off your TV at bedtime.