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  • Updated Hospital Visitor Guidelines

    Help Protect Our Patients and Visitors from H1N1
    During this year’s flu season we are working hard to do all we can to protect our patients and visitors from the H1N1 flu (swine flu) virus.

    Here is an update on some of our current guidelines for visitors to our hospitals:

    Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital
    Young children with chronic diseases or disabilities are particularly vulnerable to this illness. As of Oct. 12, visitors to Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital are limited to adults and children age 12 years and older. Mary Bridge visitors who are 12-18 years of age will be screened at each visit for symptoms of influenza.

    Allenmore Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital, Tacoma General Hospital
    Young children are especially likely to get sick from H1N1, and, though it may take several days for them to show symptoms, they can easily pass the virus to others. We strongly recommend that you leave any children under the age of 12 at home when you come to visit these hospitals.

    We also encourage these groups to avoid visiting our hospitals, if possible:
    • Anyone with signs and symptoms of colds or flu
    • People who have weak immune systems
    • Women who are pregnant
    • Children between 12 and 18 years old

    MultiCare is keeping a close watch on H1N1 in our community. For the protection of our patients, visitors and employees, our visitation guidelines may continue to change as the flu season progresses. Some patient areas may need to establish stricter guidelines to protect especially sick or vulnerable patients.

    To stay current on the latest information, call:
    MultiCare Allenmore Hospital: 253.459.6633
    MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital: 253.697.4000
    MultiCare Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital: 253.403.1400
    MultiCare Tacoma General Hospital: 253.403.1000

    Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

    Posted on Oct 16, 2009 in