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Whether a patient needs help managing the symptoms of Parkinson's disease or Multiple Sclerosis, compensating for a balance problem, or relearning the mechanics of swallowing after a traumatic brain injury, we can help.

The MultiCare Neuroscience Center of Washington gives patients access to a broad range of neurological rehabilitation services, including advanced diagnostics, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy and vestibular rehabilitation exercises—all focused on helping patients live their daily lives with as much confidence and independence as possible.

Occupational and Physical Therapy
Our therapists work with your physician to design an individualized program that helps individuals focus on maintaining or regaining function or exploring new techniques and adaptations to overcome physical limitations.

Vestibular and Balance Therapy
Advanced technology and nationally recognized rehabilitation specialists have distinguished MultiCare's vestibular rehabilitation services as being among the best in the region.

Rehabilitation treatments are directed toward driving central nervous system compensation, retraining use of sensory information and motor skills, and providing patients with compensation techniques and safety education. Computerized biofeedback equipment include BalanceMaster® and Computerized Dynamic Posturography.

Voice and Swallow Center
With the help of advanced video stroboscopy, doctors and speech therapists can clearly see whether a patient's vocal folds are functioning properly. We may also use advanced technology such as laryngeal endoscopy to get the best picture of how your voice or swallow is functioning and what we can do to help. Our experienced speech-language pathologists will then design a program to help you speak or swallow more effectively.

Aquatic Therapy
The buoyancy of water allows for safe and controlled weight-bearing exercises that can help you return to your regular activities and speed your recovery.

Gait Safety
Physical therapists assess your function and balance, then design a training program that will help you improve, while reducing your risk of falling.

For more information about the rehabilitation services offered at MultiCare, call 253-403-1040 or click MultiCare Rehabilitation Services.