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The shoulder is one of the most mobile joints in your body: it allows your arm to rotate in a full circle. WeShoulder illustration can activate the shoulder quickly when we throw a ball or put tremendous, slow strain on it when we lift something heavy over our heads. The shoulder is made up of three bones: the clavicle (collarbone), the scapula (shoulder blades) and the humerus, which is the upper arm bone. Because it’s responsible for such a wide range of motion, injury or pain in the shoulder is common.

Common problems with the shoulder

The shoulder can be unstable because the ball of the humerus is larger than the socket that holds it. To be stable, a series of tendons, muscles and ligaments must anchor it. Injury and aging are responsible for the most common problems with the shoulder. 


    • Fracture
    • Dislocation
    • Separation
    • Torn rotator cuffs
    • Torn ligaments and tendons
    • Labrum tears



      Diagnosis at MultiCare

      Shoulder MRIYour initial appointment with a MultiCare orthopedic physician will include a full evaluation of your symptoms and recent activities. Establishing the source of the problem is the first step and will help determine your course of care. We may require x-rays, an MRI or a CT scan.

      Treatment at MultiCare

      MultiCare physicians are experienced in a wide range of treatment options for shoulder pain, injury and aging, which might include:

      Dr. David Coons Discusses Shoulder Issues