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Sleep Medicine

South Hill Sleep Center

Have trouble sleeping? You aren’t alone. Approximately 33 percent of the general population has sleep disorders. Insomnia is the most prevalent, followed by sleep apnea. Because many sleeping disorders are treatable, maybe it’s time to talk with your physician and the experts at MultiCare's Sleep Medicine Centers.

Our center is a specialty service emphasizing the diagnosis and treatment needs of patients who have disrupted or diminished sleep. We offer a specialized adolescent service featuring larger rooms with parent or care giver overnight accommodations.

Staffed by experienced physicians and technologists, we conduct a variety of sleep studies, including two of the most popular:

A test to measure and record changes and patterns that occur while you are asleep. The monitoring will include brain-wave activity; snoring; heart rate; breathing pattern; and muscle, eye, and leg movements. It is a study that does not hurt because nothing is placed into your body.

MSLT (multiple sleep latency testing)
The standard test used to quantify the overall daytime sleep tendency by measuring the speed of falling asleep (sleep latency) usually in five tests carried out at two-hour intervals throughout the day. This test also helps in the diagnosis of narcolepsy. Patients receive a diagnostic sleep study during the night and stay over through the next day to receive the MSLT.

You’ll sleep in a room with all the comforts of home: a queen-sized bed, a private bathroom/shower, TV, recliner and a lounge with stocked kitchenette just down the hall.

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