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CyberKnife CT Scan
Prior to treatment with CyberKnife, patients undergo a CT Scan to determine the size, shape and location of the tumor. The data from this scan is used to develop the CyberKnife treatment plan.
CyberKnife Patient Positioning
During treatment with CyberKnife, the RoboCouch moves the patient slightly to allow the CyberKnife the best angle to treat the tumor.
CyberKnife Spares Healthy Tissue
During certain CyberKnife treatments, the patient may wear a Synchrony vest. This vest tracks the movement of a patient's chest while breathing. The CyberKnife is able to follow this movement through sensors on the vest and only radiate the tumor while sparing surrounding healthy tissue.
CyberKnife Spine Tracking System
CyberKnife's spine tracking system continually tracks the position of the spine tumor and automatically adjusts the treatment delivery.
CyberKnife Spine Tumor Treatment
CyberKnife is ideal for treating tumors on the spine. It is able to treat the entire tumor from multiple positions.
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