From the outside, an organization like MultiCare is often seen as focused on one thing — making people well when they are sick. Occasionally you might see an expanded definition of what we do that includes helping to prevent people from getting sick.

But it’s been a long time since we believed that simply caring for the patients who walk through our doors is enough. For many years we’ve understood that caring for and supporting the communities we serve — in ways that move beyond “health care” — is also foundational.

For that reason, I often think of MultiCare as a “community” orga- nization first, and a “health care” organization second. When we open a new clinic, expand a service or enter a new neighborhood or region, we don’t just think about how best to serve those new patients. We think about how we can best become a part of those communities. How we can genuinely demonstrate that we care about what they care about. That our most critical goal is to be- come a trusted neighbor that puts community needs at the fore- front of all we do.

I am always proud of the work that we do in our communities — even as that list of communities grows ever larger — to help make them healthier, safer, more culturally rich. And 2018 was no different.

We codified our support of health equity for the diverse communities we serve across the state by signing the American Hospital Association’s (AHA) #123 for Equity Pledge to Act, supporting AHA’s National Call to Action to Eliminate Health Care Disparities. This is important, ongoing work that you’ll hear more about in future reports.

We worked to live up to the promise we made to the Inland Northwest in 2017 to dedicate ourselves to those communities. We achieved a number of impressive milestones in that region in one short year — from establishing a new health care foundation, to awarding Community Benefit grants, to introducing Indigo Urgent Care to the Spokane region.

We continued our commitment to the Puget Sound region. Communities around the Puget Sound benefited from us expanding access to care in key areas and adding services to better meet community needs, from expanding our virtual care offerings to bringing back the house call.

We also re-affirmed our commitment to the next generation of health care providers by joining with Tacoma Public Schools and other organizations to bring the innovative new Healthcare Careers Academy to life at Stadium High School — a unique program designed to prepare high school students for a wide range of careers in the health care industry.

You’ll read more about many of these milestones in this report. But know that this single volume does not do justice to the work that takes place every day, from our smallest clinic to our most prominent program, in support of MultiCare’s mission and — most importantly — in support of the communities it is our privilege to serve.

Thank you.


Bill Robertson, President & CEO MultiCare


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