Why we ride with Courage

Liz Goodwin with Slug on arm

“I ride because Courage combines some of my favorite things: mountains, fun physical challenges, lots of food, community, and service to others. It is amazing to be part of such a diverse and energetic community that unites each year for the shared purpose of supporting children and families in our area. Children inspire hope, growth, and change. I ride for them.”

Kendra Parker
Kendra Paker

“I ride for the challenge (I see you, mountains) the company (awesome people) and the cause (helping kids at Mary Bridge).” 

Brett Riding Courage - Holding up a C
Brett Nirider, Team Captain

“Since I was a young boy, riding a bicycle has been liberating and empowering.  I love to take those feelings of liberation and empowerment with me when I ride Courage, because that is what I try to help the kids I serve to discover about themselves: liberation and empowerment. To do so with people I love and for such a good cause is a wonderful blessing!”

Bob Cooper
Bob Cooper, MD

“I’ve treated several children who were victims of child abuse, thus the cause is near and dear to me. Over the years, I’ve ridden for Team YMCA and Team Mary Bridge.  It is always the high point of my summer.”