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Behavioral Health Conditions

Common Conditions We Treat

MultiCare Behavioral Health provides compassionate, person-centered care and expert-led therapies to help individuals and families who need our support through emotional and mental health challenges. As a trusted mental health provider in Pierce County for over 30 years, we offer a depth of experience caring for people with a broad range of conditions.

Mental Health Conditions We Treat

At MultiCare Behavioral Health, our state-certified mental health professionals specialize in helping people return to meaningful roles in school, work and their social lives.

A mental health condition is more than occasionally not feeling like yourself, and isn’t the result of one event. Instead, these conditions develop over time and can affect your thinking, feelings and/or mood.

Our team treats conditions affecting children, adults and families. These conditions include:

  • Anxiety: Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress. However, when you have an anxiety disorder, you feel higher than normal levels of stress all the time or in certain situations. This causes overwhelming feelings of fear and worry. Learn more about anxiety.
  • Bipolar disorder: People with bipolar disorder experience unusually intense emotions, ranging from overexcited manic ("up") episodes to extremely sad or hopeless depressive ("down") episodes. Learn more about bipolar disorder.
  • Dementia: Dementia is a general term describing a decline in mental ability that affects daily life. Many people with dementia have Alzheimer’s disease, but there are a number of other conditions that lead to it. Learn more about dementia.
  • Depression:  People with depression have feelings of hopelessness and sadness that interfere with their daily lives. Depression is a common, but serious illness. Learn more about depression.
  • Oppositional defiant disorder (ODD): This childhood disorder includes a pattern of hostile and passive-aggressive behavior toward authority. Children with oppositional defiant disorder display these behaviors much more frequently and with more intensity than their peers. Learn more about oppositional defiant disorder.
  • Schizophrenia: This severe brain disorder causes disorganized thinking and behavior. People suffering from schizophrenia have difficulty recognizing what is real from what is going on in their imagination. Learn more about schizophrenia.
  • Substance use disorder: This condition happens when a person becomes dependent on or addicted to a mood-altering chemical, such as those found in alcohol or drugs. When you suffer from a substance use disorder, you are unable to stop your dependence or addiction even though it may be ruining your life. Learn more about substance use disorder.
  • Trauma and PTSD: Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event, such as a car accident, violence or natural disaster. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) happens when a person goes through a traumatic event and continues to feel stressed or frightened even though they are no longer in danger. Learn more about trauma and PTSD.

Note: The conditions descriptions on the following pages are intended to be informational only, and should not be considered a diagnosis or medical advice. Please seek the advice of a qualified medical professional if you believe you have any of the symptoms described on these pages.

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