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Success Stories

People From the Community Joining the ENRICH Program


Melissa - Works at Sparks Firehouse Deli
Melissa heard about the ENRICH program as a high school student at Rogers. After signing up with the program, she volunteered at a couple of different places before landing her job at Sparks Firehouse Deli in Puyallup. Her volunteer positions helped her vocational trainer Tena assess where Melissa's strengths and interests lie to really carve out the right job match.

"I love my job at Sparks Deli," said Melissa. "I wash dishes and help break down the boxes for recycle. I also wipe down the tables sometimes and bring dishes and glasses back out so Rachel has them for everybody to use."

Tena has worked with Melissa for about three years, volunteering in different positions, trying different things to find the best fit with Melissa's skills.

"She's very hard-working. She is self-initiating," said Tena. "If she sees stuff on the floor, she will sweep. She will check the bathrooms without someone asking her to do it. She is always keeping busy. She's friendly and outgoing, and the customers really look forward to seeing her."

Melissa's supervisor at Sparks has been so impressed with Melissa's work, they increased her schedule from 2 to 3 days a week.

"I look forward to her coming in, and the customers love seeing her here," she said.

When asked what she'd tell other employers about ENRICH, she said, "I'd tell others to embrace it. Try it. It's not just positive for Melissa, but for all of us. It's great all around. It's fun. We look forward to her. Now she is just part of the family."


Angie - Works at Sweet Pea Insurance
Angie has been in the ENRICH program for 20 years, starting in the Community Access program when it was still part of ENRICH. Her vocational trainer Cindy Gammon has been working with Angie for 15 of those years.

Angie volunteered at many different places throughout the years, including several departments at Good Samaritan Hospital. "Each volunteer opportunity helps see where her strengths are," said Cindy.

This is her first paying job with the ENRICH program. She works one day a week in the office at Sweet Pea Insurance in Lakewood.

Angie scans documents, stuffs folders for promotion, does paper shredding, loads and unloads the dishwasher in the office kitchen, and keeps the candy jar filled.

"She likes to be in an environment with a lot of people. She likes talking with people. She's a very social person," said Cindy.


Luckett House grounds keeping crew – Donny, Cory, Jonathon

Donny has worked at the Luckett house for 2 years. He started as a volunteer, and now he works there every Wednesday.

He mows the lawn, pulls weeds, prunes trees.

"I like to mow the lawn," said Donny. "I'm good at it."

His job coach Josh has been working with him for almost a year. He teaches Donny new skills and how to use equipment safely.

"With just a few prompts, he's learned how to safely cut down thick tree branches," said Josh. "And he's learning to rake and prune."

Donny said his parents are very proud of him!

Cory works at the Luckett House two days a week.

"I check the gas and oil, put the gas in the machine, and blow the leaves," said Cory. But he said the best thing about his job is that it pays.

When Cory does a great job, sometimes he goes to the Kubota shop as a reward. He saved his money for two years to get a John Deere lawn mower. His next goal is to save up for the scoop that attaches to it.

Scott is one of the ENRICH team leaders that works with the grounds keeping crew at the Luckett House.

"This is one-on-one intense job training," said Scott. "Cory's learned how to sharpen blades, replace filters and spark plugs. He's come a long way. Since he's had this job, his stamina has improved, and he's so much stronger."

Scott is proud of the team's growth in their job skills and the initiative they show. "Now, when they see that the grass is long, they see what they need, and they go to work. They have a routine."

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