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Belonging — Equity, Diversity and Inclusion at MultiCare

Working to Create a True Sense of Belonging for All

Hands Coming Together

At MultiCare, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy life free from racism, injustice, discrimination and violence. We believe all patients are deserving of care that is high quality, safe, equitable, compassionate and culturally sensitive. And we are committed to building a diverse workforce, as a diverse workforce benefits both employees and patients by offering an inclusive place to provide and receive care.

Since 2015 MultiCare has been on an intentional journey related to caring for the diverse communities the organization serves, evolving our Center for Healthy Living into the Center for Health Equity and Wellness, putting our five-year, 2015-2020 health equity strategic plan into action and developing our Health Equity Toolkit

These are important accomplishments. But MultiCare recognizes that there is more to do. In 2020, our organization began engaging in larger conversations about racism, injustice, discrimination and violence, in order to understand more fully how we can work together to better address inequities in our communities and within MultiCare.

So, in order to elevate this work further, we are evolving our equity, diversity and inclusion work into a broader Belonging program.

Belonging Philosophy and Guiding Principles

MultiCare developed a philosophy and guiding principles regarding our Belonging Journey — how we address and positively impact equity, diversity and inclusion.

Read our philosophy

Our Health Equity Strategic Plan

MultiCare's Health Equity Strategic Plan helped guide our health equity work for the last five years. We are now in the process of drafting our 2021-2025 plan.

Review the 2015-2020 plan

Why Belonging?

Diversity and inclusion are critical elements to creating truly equitable commmunities, cultures and organization. But creating a sense of belonging — that feeling that we are a wanted, valued part of a community or organization — goes further. This is why, when MultiCare was ready to translate our conversations about inequality and justice into actions, we set our goals beyond diversity and inclusion and committed ourselves to creating communities where all people genuinely feel like they belong.

For many, belonging may feel mostly automatic. Our workplaces, communities and social circles all reinforce that we are welcome and valued. But for many others, for many factors, belonging is a greater challenge. And it is for those individuals and communities that we are undertaking this work. So that regardless of race, gender, religion, culture, sexual orientation or physical disability, they feel more than included. They feel like they belong.

Read more about our new Belonging Program.