Who We Are

MultiCare Medical Ethics Committee

Members of the MultiCare Medical Ethics Committee are a cross-disciplinary, volunteer group of MultiCare providers, leaders and other staff.

West Pierce County/Mary Bridge Ethics Committee

Ryan Pferdehirt, MS – Clinical Ethicist - Co-Chair
Jennifer Kett, MD, MA – Physician - Peds Palliative Care - Co-Chair
Stacia Brown, RN - Infection Control Pract
Uma Chandavarkar, MD - Physician - Gynecology Oncology
Catherine Chmil - Hospital Supervisor
Sandra Clauson, ARNP Psychiatric
Kristine Coates, MSW - PHP
Jane Compson, PhD – Ethicist University of Washington – Tacoma
Jim Cornwell, BCC - Chaplain TGH
Martine DeLisle, RN - Case Mgr-Grief Loss
John Golden, MD
Maiken Hamilton, RN - Medical Oncology
Tanya Hammer – PHP - MBCH
Jennifer Harrison - Executive Asst
Toni Marine - ARNP-Hospice
Natalie Nunes, MD - Physician Faculty-FM/OB
Lori Olson, MN, RN - Palliative Care Coord
Laird Pisto, JD
Dorothy Prybylski - Chaplain Services Prgm Dir
Kirk Rue, MD
Cameron Sharp, RN
Ellen Sheridan-Harness, MSW - PHP
Kelay Trentham, MS, RD - Onc Nutr/Clin Dietitian
John VanBuskirk, DO - Physician Faculty-FM/OB
Teresa Wynn, RN - NICU TGH

East Pierce County Ethics Committee

Gita Patel, MD – Physician-Pulmonary/Crit Care - Co-Chair
Nicole Collett, MD – Physician-Pulmonary/Critical Care - Co-Chair
Ryan Pferdehirt, MS - Clinical Ethicist
Darin Blackburn, MD - Family Medicine
Al Fink, MD - Chief Med Officer- Good Samaritan Hospital
Nancy House, RN - Med Surg Oncology GSH
Colleen Kniffen - Case Manager Care Mgt
Bill McKenzie - Staff Chaplain
Charlotte Morris - Data Consultant Information Intelligence
Michael Mosley, MD - Physician – Palliative Medicine
Laird Pisto - Legal Counsel
Amitra Samra, MD - Sound Physicians
Donna Stromski - Community Rep
Michelle Trevett, RN Responsive Care Mgt
Sheri Wages, PA-C
Tammy Wiggins - PHP
Sandeep Yadavalli, MD - Sound Physicians

South King County Ethics Committee

Ryan Pferdehirt, MS – Clinical Ethicist - Chair
Sunil Aggarwal, MD, PhD - Physician – Palliative Medicine
Jennifer Fletcher - PHP – Social Worker
Annette Gildemann - Chaplain
Holly Harrison, RN
Brian Heathcock, MD - Radiology & Diagnostic Services
Gale Winter, RN