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Important flu update

Flu cases are at an all-time high in our region. Please read our important message about where to seek care for the flu. Learn More

Who We Are

MultiCare Medical Ethics Committee

Members of the MultiCare Medical Ethics Committee are a cross-disciplinary, volunteer group of MultiCare providers, leaders and other staff.

West Pierce County/Mary Bridge Ethics Committee

Ryan Pferdehirt, MS – Clinical Ethicist - Co-Chair
Jennifer Kett, MD, MA – Physician - Peds Palliative Care - Co-Chair
Stacia Brown, RN - Infection Control Pract
Uma Chandavarkar, MD - Physician - Gynecology Oncology
Catherine Chmil - Hospital Supervisor
Sandra Clauson, ARNP Psychiatric
Kristine Coates, MSW - PHP
Jane Compson, PhD – Ethicist University of Washington – Tacoma
Jim Cornwell, BCC - Chaplain TGH
Martine DeLisle, RN - Case Mgr-Grief Loss
John Golden, MD
Maiken Hamilton, RN - Medical Oncology
Tanya Hammer – PHP - MBCH
Jennifer Harrison - Executive Asst
Mary Jo Ludwig, MD - Physician Faculty-FM/OB
Toni Marine - ARNP-Hospice
Natalie Nunes, MD - Physician Faculty-FM/OB
Lori Olson, MN, RN - Palliative Care Coord
Laird Pisto, JD
Dorothy Prybylski - Chaplain Services Prgm Dir
Kirk Rue, MD
Cameron Sharp, RN
Ellen Sheridan-Harness, MSW - PHP
Kelay Trentham, MS, RD - Onc Nutr/Clin Dietitian
John VanBuskirk, DO - Physician Faculty-FM/OB
Teresa Wynn, RN - NICU TGH

East Pierce County Ethics Committee

Gita Patel, MD – Physician-Pulmonary/Crit Care - Co-Chair
Nicole Collett, MD – Physician-Pulmonary/Critical Care - Co-Chair
Ryan Pferdehirt, MS - Clinical Ethicist
Darin Blackburn, MD - Family Medicine
Al Fink, MD - Chief Med Officer- Good Samaritan Hospital
Nancy House, RN - Med Surg Oncology GSH
Colleen Kniffen - Case Manager Care Mgt
Bill McKenzie - Staff Chaplain
Charlotte Morris - Data Consultant Information Intelligence
Michael Mosley, MD - Physician – Palliative Medicine
Laird Pisto - Legal Counsel
Amitra Samra, MD - Sound Physicians
Donna Stromski - Community Rep
Michelle Trevett, RN Responsive Care Mgt
Sheri Wages, PA-C
Tammy Wiggins - PHP
Sandeep Yadavalli, MD - Sound Physicians

South King County Ethics Committee

Ryan Pferdehirt, MS – Clinical Ethicist - Chair
Sunil Aggarwal, MD, PhD - Physician – Palliative Medicine
Jennifer Fletcher - PHP – Social Worker
Annette Gildemann - Chaplain
Holly Harrison, RN
Brian Heathcock, MD - Radiology & Diagnostic Services
Gale Winter, RN