Body Plastic Surgery

Cosmetic and Reconstructive Procedures

At MultiCare, our reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgeons Joshua Elston, MD and Roy Semlacher, MD, work with patients to help them reach their goals. With our body plastic surgery procedures, you can become confident in your appearance with a treatment plan that fits your individual needs and lifestyle.

We offer the following body plastic surgery procedures:

Addressing Your Cosmetic Concerns

While most insurance companies may cover part or the entire cost of surgery to correct a congenital or traumatic defect, some may not cover elective cosmetic procedures. We are more than happy to contact your insurance company to determine coverage options, no matter your surgical reasoning.

A consultation is required prior to any plastic surgery procedure. The cost of services will be discussed during your consultation, while discounts may be available if more than one procedure is performed at the same time.

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Body Plastic Surgery Providers

Joshua Elston, MD
Roy Semlacher, MD

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