RapidArc Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

Precision Radiation Therapy, Reduces Treatment Time

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) more precisely targets a cancerous tumor while sparing the healthy surrounding tissue. Image-guided technology helps the IMRT team map the location, shape and size of a tumor and determine the ideal amount of radiation to use. This method has proven most effective for tumors in the prostate, liver, head, neck and lungs.

IMRT may be a useful treatment option if you’ve previously been treated with conventional radiation therapy for breast cancer, and are experiencing recurrent tumors in the treated area. IMRT can be used in conjunction with, or may be used in place of, external beam radiation.

The RapidArc radiotherapy technology from Varian Medical Systems is a fast form of precise radiotherapy that targets tumors quickly and accurately while minimizing exposure of surrounding healthy tissue.  RapidArc technology treats tumors in continuous motion, so what would normally take about 10 minutes can be done in 90 seconds. Moreover, the patient often experiences fewer side effects than with traditional radiation therapy.

MultiCare Regional Cancer Center is an early adopter and advanced user of RapidArc radiation treatment. We are the only facility in the South Sound where IMRT can be delivered using the advanced RapidArc technology. 

RapidArc technology is offered in Tacoma, Auburn and Gig Harbor.

Your physician will work with you to determine the best cancer treatment option based on your individual situation.

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