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SAVIâ„¢ Five-Day Breast Cancer Treatment Option

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Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment

Partial breast radiation is short, five-day course of radiation therapy given after a lumpectomy. It delivers a form of partial breast radiation known as breast brachytherapy, which targets the tumor site from inside the breast.  It allows physicians to tailor radiation and can potentially reduce side effects typically associated with radiation therapy.  While traditional breast cancer treatment requires a nearly two-month commitment, partial breast radiation treatments can be completed in as little as five days.

SAVIâ„¢ Five-Day Breast Cancer Treatment Option

This partial breast radiation treatment offers a more individualized five-day course of radiation treatment for early-stage breast cancer. The majority of women who qualify for partial breast radiation can be treated with this treatment.

MultiCare Regional Cancer Center at Tacoma General Hospital was one of the first facilities in the Pacific Northwest to offer this treatment.

MultiCare has been named a Center of Excellence in accelerated partial breast irradiation for its use of the SAVIâ„¢ applicator, an advanced therapy for breast cancer.

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MammoSite Radiation Therapy System (RTS)

MammoSite RTS partial breast radiation treatment offers a more individualized option for early-stage breast cancer in women. MammoSite RTS uses a catheter to deliver a concentrated dose of radiation to tumors. Treatments are done on an outpatient basis and do not interfere with your daily routine.  MammoSite treatments can be completed in as little as 5 days.

Your physician will work with you to determine the best cancer treatment option based on your individual situation.

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