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About Us

CareConnect is a complete electronic health record and practice management system for physician practices, including registration, scheduling and billing functions.

CareConnectCareConnect is a service operated by MultiCare Health System. The system was initially implemented to serve MultiCare's affiliated physicians. Now thoroughly proven in practice and widely accepted, it was recognized that there was an opportunity to extend it to the broader physician community. It is being offered under the banner CareConnect with these goals:

  • To serve physicians throughout the region
  • To bring new efficiencies to medical practice
  • To improve patient care

With CareConnect you can:

  • Improve the quality of patient care by reducing your dependence on paper records, streamlining your workflow and preventing errors
  • Expand access to patient information
  • Increase speed of access to patient’s medical history, drug allergies, vaccination due dates and past visits
  • Utilize decision support tools
  • Participate in Medicare’s incentive program by implementing ePrescribing
  • Simplify regulatory reporting
  • Improve your bottom-line financial performance
  • Provide your patients access to their lab results, medical history and more via MyChart online patient portal

CareConnect is ideal for any individual physician practice, group practice or clinic that wishes to have a complete electronic health record system. This includes primary care and specialist practices.

CareConnect offers the EHR through an Application Service Provider model. You access the system using a secure Citrix connection. Simply enter your user name and password to log on. You can access patient records from home, as well as your office.

FAQs Questions about CareConnect? Check out our FAQs.