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Epic (Electronic Health Records)

Dr. Bruce Kaler at Computer - HealthworksWhy the Epic system?

In our opinion and that of others throughout the health care industry, Epic is the best electronic health record (EHR) system, hands down.

We chose Epic for these main reasons:

  • The best combination of usability and features. Epic has the most complete, easy to- use functionality, not just for individual physician practices, but for implementing an EHR that can be effectively shared by an entire health care community.
  • The best fully integrated system. Epic encompasses not only clinical information, but also registration, patient scheduling and billing. While other systems may offer some of these functions, they are typically collections of individual modules, developed by separate companies and cobbled together after-the-fact. Because of that, they don’t work as well together and can be cumbersome to use. Epic was built from the ground up as a fully integrated system - something that’s fully appreciated by the practices that use it everyday.
  • Widely used, practice-proven system. Epic has won numerous industry awards, regularly tops the list of EHR systems in surveys, and is used by the Cleveland Clinic, Allina, Kaiser Permanente, the Mayo Clinic and others. In this region Epic is used by Swedish, UW Physicians Network, Group Health, the Everett Clinic, Children's Hospital and Pacific Medical Center.

What if I don’t need all the extra features of Epic?

In our opinion, there are no “extra features”, “luxuries” or “bells and whistles” in Epic. It contains the features that are essential for maintaining an effective clinical record, and for a modern physician practice to work efficiently. You could cut corners by buying a less expensive system, but more than offset those savings in inefficiencies and extra staff time.

Wouldn’t it be less expensive to have my own system?

Probably not. Certainly there are standalone systems for physician practices starting at very low prices but are simple “startup” systems. Adding on the software modules to create a system similar to the Epic system would add cost. Then there are the support costs, and the cost of the computer and backup systems.

The most significant cost of an office-maintained system is the time and ongoing cost to maintain, troubleshoot and make sure it is backed up regularly as well as maintain and protect data security. CareConnect handles those issues, freeing physicians and staff to focus on their practices and their patients.

What about hosted systems?

Hosted systems are typically offered through an ASP, or Application Service Provider model. CareConnect is a hosted system. The hosting company maintains the applications, servers and data, with access provided through a secure interface. Other hosted systems are available; these are from companies that offer their services to doctors nationwide.

The differences between CareConnect and the nationally based systems are:

  • Cost. Other ASP-model systems usually charge hidden fees and don’t offer nearly the capabilities CareConnect is able to offer.
  • Local support. We’re focused solely on serving the local physician community, are locally based, locally accountable, and offer a high level or responsiveness.
  • A shared medical record. We bring efficiencies to your practice and improve overall care of patients region wide, through records the entire medical community can share and update.