Wellness Services

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Wellness Screenings

Blood Screening: $35/person

Screening includes total Blood Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides and glucose. Your employees will receive a confidential individualized report along with educational materials. Your company will receive a detailed report of screening results, based on aggregate data. Screenings performed by trained MultiCare phlebotomists.

Body Composition: $20/person

Screening includes body fat percentage, lean mass percentage and goal weight. Screenings performed by trained MultiCare Center for Healthy Living staff.

Resting Metabolic Rate Testing: $65/person

This screening will give you the exact measurement needed to succeed in weight loss or weight maintenance. The metabolic rate is used to calculate target calorie zones for weight maintenance and healthy weight loss. Screening performed by a MultiCare Registered Dietitian.

Height, Weight and Waist Circumference Measurements: $35/hour

Height and weight measurements are taken to calculate an individual’s body mass index.

Blood Pressure: $45/hour

Screening includes blood pressure measured by trained MultiCare Center for Healthy Living staff.

Center for Healthy Living Education Table: $35/hour

Staffed by the MultiCare Center for Healthy Living, this table includes a variety of resources on nutrition, physical activity, stress management, weight management and tobacco cessation. Staff expertise and visuals provided help your employees learn about the benefits of prevention and healthy lifestyle habits.

Onsite Nutrition Screenings and Consultation

Minimum of 5 employees

  • 30-minute Registered Dietitian consult
  • Resting Metabolic Rate
  • Body Composition

Pricing above does not include staff time and travel fee. 

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