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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services for Wellness, Sports, and Weight Management

0055 Healthy People Farm

MultiCare Center for Healthy Living offers a variety of nutrition services for general wellness, weight management, and sports nutrition. In addition, we offer nutritional counseling for specific disease states, food allergies, disordered eating, and more. Our registered dietitians are here to provide you with tools to help you reach your goals on your journey towards better health.

Wellness & Sports Nutrition brochure

MultiCare employees can learn more about MultiCare’s Employee Wellness Program.

List of Services

Fundamental Nutrition Package

Our most popular package, this session includes 1-hour nutrition counseling, body fat testing using BIA and resting metabolic rate testing. A helpful appointment when getting started with a weight loss or wellness plan.

Cost: $180

Fundamental Nutrition Counseling

A 1-hour session designed for those who want nutrition guidance to improve their general nutrition or for specific medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, disordered eating, food allergies and more.

Cost: $90/hour
Nutrition Follow-Up

An extension of fundamental nutrition counseling tailored to your specific needs. Appointments are 30-minutes.

Cost: $55 OR 3 for $150

Body Fat Analysis

A test to determine your body composition or lean body mass to fat body mass, using bioelectrical impedance (BIA). Interested in monitoring your progression towards increasing your lean muscle mass and strength? Consider a package of 3 visits.

Cost: $25 OR 3-$65

Resting Metabolic Rate

A test to determine your calorie burn at rest. Useful when determining your calorie needs for your specific goal: weight maintenance, loss, or gain. This is the gold standard test in determining your calorie needs.

Cost: $65

Body Fat and Resting Metabolic Rate Testing

Our popular body fat (using BIA) and resting metabolic rate testing in one visit. Save $10 when you receive both tests.

Cost: $65

Comprehensive Wellness Package

This package includes 3, 60-minute sessions, including:

  • Resting metabolic rate testing
  • 3 body fat tests (using BIA) to monitor progress
  • Complete assessment of current diet, vitamins, minerals and supplements
  • A meal plan and sample menu of current dietary needs
  • Sessions tailored to your individual goals

Cost: $365

Menu of Wellness & Weight Management Services

*MultiCare Employees and YMCA Members receive a 20% discount.

**Above photo provided by Bradie K. Photography and Healthy People Farm.

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