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CyberKnife Diagram

CyberKnife Diagram

Patient Table

The CyberKnife has a unique patient table and positioning system called RoboCouch. During treatment with CyberKnife, the RoboCouch moves the patient slightly to allow the CyberKnife the best angle to treat the tumor.

Linear Accelerator

The linear accelerator is the part of the CyberKnife that delivers beams of high-energy radiation to the tumor with sub-millimeter (within the width of a hair) accuracy.

Robotic Manipulator

The high precision robotic manipulator positions the linear accelerator in almost any direction providing extremely accurate radiation delivery.


During a CyberKnife treatment low-energy x-rays are constantly being taken to track the tumor position and to adjust the position of the linear accelerator accordingly to spare healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.

Floor Image detectors

The floor mounted image detectors capture high-resolution anatomical images from the x-ray throughout the treatment. These live images are continually compared to previous images to determine real-time patient positioning and target location. Based on this information, the robotic manipulator instantly adjusts for any detected movement.