Clinical Pastoral Education

Information About Clinical Pastoral Education

MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital is Accredited to offer ACPE Certified Clinical Pastoral Education™ (CPE). CPE is designed for individuals who wish to improve pastoral care skills and develop pastoral identity through a deeper understanding of themselves and those they care for. It is practical learning about how to recognize and address the spiritual concerns of others.

Under the supervision of an ACPE Certified CPE Supervisor, students reflect on patient encounters with a peer group to discover how their personal history, culture, social context and personal theology impact their pastoral care. In addition, students learn concepts in pastoral care and apply their learning to future encounters. This process of action-reflection has proven to be a very effective means of learning pastoral care.

Program Structure

CPE consists of 400 hours of supervised education. A minimum of 100 hours is dedicated to classroom time while the remaining hours are allotted for patient visitation, staff care, on-call duties, reading, writing, and personal reflection. Our CPE program is Accredited to offer Level I and Level II CPE.

Student placement is negotiated to balance institutional and student needs. Placement is available at one of four hospitals: MultiCare Good Samaritan, MultiCare Tacoma General, MultiCare Auburn Medical Center or Mary Bridge Children's Hospital and Health Center.

Currently we offer three units of CPE each year:

  • Spring Extended: 19 weeks (January-May)
  • Summer Intensive: 12 weeks (June-August)
  • Fall Extended: 19 weeks (September-January)

Extended CPE

Classes are currently scheduled to meet once a week from 8am until 1pm. Each student provides a minimum of eight hours of direct patient visitation and one overnight on-call shift each week (accounting for an additional 4 hours of ministry). Additionally, students also complete two shifts on a weekend as negotiated. Lastly, students meet for one hour of individual supervision every other week.

Summer Intensive CPE

This intensive unit offers an overview of concepts and skills in pastoral care, as well as an opportunity for students to gain a more accurate understanding of themselves as caregivers. Students meet twice weekly in class. In addition, each student provides a minimum of twenty- four hours of direct patient care each week, covers one overnight on-call shift each week (accounting for an additional 4 hours of ministry. Lastly, students receive one hour of individual supervision every week.

Program Requirements

  • College Degree
  • Completion of one year of theological education or significant experience serving in a faith community
  • A member in good standing with a recognized faith group
  • An availability and openness to learning
  • A desire to serve in pastoral ministry
  • Emotional accessibility
  • A completed application. Applications are received throughout the year and you may expect a prompt response upon receipt. Download the Clinical Pastoral Education Application.
  • Acceptance into the program by the Admissions Committee. Intensive units require $100 non-refundable deposit upon agreement to join the unit by the prospective student.
  • Paid tuition of $600 (total) per unit. Payment plans may be negotiated before the unit begins and some financial assistance may be available for those in financial need. Please inquire during the interview.

Contact Information

Chaplain Dorothy Prybylski
Program Director, Chaplain Services
[email protected]

For more information on ACPE Certified CPE™, please contact:

The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE)
One West Court Square, Suite 325
Decatur, GA 30030
[email protected]


Clinical Pastoral Education Application