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We walk beCAUSE

We walk downtown Sumner, honoring those who have fought breast cancer and won, and remembering those we lost all too soon.

Come Walk With Me raises funds to provide the following for breast health programs at MultiCare Good Samaritan Hospital:

  • Establish a free/reduced fee mammography program through Her Piece of Mind. For more information call 253-697-4927
  • Resource kits for newly diagnosed patients
  • Post-surgical camisoles with built-in drainage, provided to patients at no cost
  • Wigs for patients in treatment
  • Prosthesis programs for under-insured
  • Presentations to various community groups on breast health
  • Lymphedema classes and support groups
  • Exercise and nutrition classes specifically for breast cancer patients

Read stories from the women whose lives you are impacting

Read Jenny's story

A sense of community and support of family and friends, makes Jenny a true fighter for herself and those she loves.

Read Cheryl's story

As a single woman, Cheryl thought she would go through the journey alone, but she had much to learn about Good Sam.

Read Ivey's story

As a young mother of two and another baby on the way, Ivey was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Read Donna's story

Family means the world to Donna; her son and his roommate shaved their heads to show their support.

Every dollar you raise goes towards breast health programs at Good Samaritan Hospital.