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Meet Cheryl


A retired Boeing Engineer who enjoys hiking and running, Cheryl Wells has always been vigilant with her health and never missed a routine check up.  It was a great shock when Cheryl found a lump while doing a self breast exam.  A mammogram led to an ultrasound which resulted in a biopsy.  Then came the news no one wants to hear: cancer.

As a single woman, Cheryl wondered what her cancer journey would bring and speculated how she would make it on her own.  But on the very day that Cheryl met her oncologist, she was also introduced to Good Samaritan’s Breast Health Coordinator Donna Banks.  Donna is a resource for patients throughout their breast cancer battle, from arming newly diagnosed patients with resources and helping them navigate the choices in physicians and treatments plans to assisting patients with post-surgical needs like providing camisoles with drainage tube and wigs at no cost.  Donna provides a listening ear and compassionate counsel along the way. 

True to her mission, Donna made an impression on Cheryl that first day, providing a bag of information along with a promise that Cheryl would never be alone in her diagnosis.  Knowing Donna was just a phone call away for support meant a lot to Cheryl.  “Donna's team felt like family, cheering me on,” she said. 

Donna also connected Cheryl to the Cancer Resource Center which introduced the monthly Woman's Cancer Support Group.  Through the support group, Cheryl met other women who were championing their own battles.  Cheryl says, “Those women changed something inside of me. They taught me to fight harder.  I learned to reach out and accept any words of encouragement.  The hugs and solid words from Donna and her team saved my life; saved my inner person. They taught me to never give up hope, to never throw in the towel. To hold my bald little head up and smile no matter what.”

Every dollar you raise goes towards breast health programs at Good Samaritan Hospital.