Community Benefit

2014 Community Benefits

Community Services

These are programs or activities that go beyond patient care, are available to the general public and are primarily subsidized by MultiCare. These services are grouped into five categories.

Subsidized Community & Health Services $27,521,122
Health Professionals Education $9,455,416
Health Research $834,633
Community Outreach & Building $21,480,931
Community Sponsorships $998,971
Total:  $60,291,074

Low-Income Patient Care Shortfall

These are the unreimbursed costs of providing hospital-based care to low-income and special needs populations including:

Payment shortfalls in Medicaid, fee-for-service, managed care plans and other state-subsidized health care programs $101,611,000
Cost of services provided to charity care patients $24,000,000
Total:  $125,611,000

Total Community Benefit:


Reinvesting in Our Community

Each year, MultiCare invests in capital improvement projects to ensure our patients have the most advanced treatment facilities available. In 2014, we invested $103 million in these and other projects.

Rainier Pavilion Expansion
Rainier Pavilion Renovation
MultiCare Auburn Medical Center

Other Expenses

In 2014, MultiCare absorbed $115 million in charges for patients who did not pay for the services they received, and did not qualify for charity care.

Read more details about MultiCare's work in the community, as well as other highlights of 2014 in our 2014 Annual Report.