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Frequently Asked Questions

More About the MultiCare Community Partnership Fund

Does my organization need to be a 501(c)3?

Yes. If you have questions, please contact the MultiCare Community Partnership Fund at [email protected].

Can I request grant funding to cover a two-year time period?

All grants are for a one-year grant cycle only.

Can I apply for this grant cycle if I applied the previous year and received funding?

a. Yes, organizations can apply each funding year. Additionally, for a previous year’s grant award and to be eligible for the new grant cycle, you must have submitted all the required reports that are due by the time of the current application submission. If you have questions regarding your report status, please contact the MultiCare Community Partnership Fund at [email protected]

My organization has a building project. Can applications be submitted for this purpose?
This fund is not appropriate for building/remodeling projects.
Can I apply with two (2) or more proposals?
Yes, we do consider multiple proposals from the same organization.
Can I apply for funding from both the Puget Sound and Inland Northwest regions?

Yes, organizations can apply in both regions for projects within that region.

What is the average amount funded?

The average amount funded is generally between $2,500 - $25,000.

Does the money have to be used by a certain date?

Our funding timeline is one year and grant funds should be utilized within that time period. We specify 6-month and one-year final reporting dates in the final award letter. We also request you specify the project timeline in the grant application.

What documentation should accompany the application?

A current IRS Form 990 (not older than two years previous [2018] from the current funding year [2020]), or for organizations with tax-exempt status the IRS Form 990 e-postcard should be uploaded with the application. If further documentation is needed, your organization will be contacted.

My organization is not required to complete an IRS Form 990. What should I do?

If your organization is a 501(c)3 with tax-exempt status, please upload your current IRS Form 990 e-postcard.

When will our organization be notified regarding funding?

Inland Northwest region organizations will be notified in November 2020

Puget Sound region organizations will be notified in November 2020