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Jim Jungers


Professional Licensed Auctioneer
Jim Jungers has become a leading auctioneer in the Northwest since he started in the business in 1984. He began his career working with his father, Mike Jungers, at commercial auctions along the West Coast. In 1992 Jim joined the Stokes Auction Group team to meet the need for experienced charity auctioneers.
Fun, laughter, enthusiasm…these are just a few words to describe Jim’s auction style. There is none other who brings as much energy to the stage as Jim; he commands his audience’s attention and guarantees an enjoyable event. Underneath his silliness lies a compassionate nature that breaks down barriers and encourages others to join him in supporting the cause.
From Washington D.C. to Washington State, Jim has helped hundreds of organizations achieve fundraising success. Jim is one of the most-requested and most popular auctioneers on our team.

Happy Sinners

With new sounds reminiscent of old feelings, The Happy Sinners bring exuberance and positivity to their performances.  They play a mix of classic Americana songs, re-interpreted with a modern feel, as well as original compositions reflecting these roots.  The deep velvety sweetness and dynamic range of Plum’s vocals come from years of professional jazz singing and recording.  Sam’s strong rhythm guitar style, influenced by the blues, is restrained and elegant. The members of The Happy Sinners are from the Hilltop District in Tacoma and can be found frequently playing at local events and community activities in The Gritty City.