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Participating Wineries

Each year, Corks & Crush features a number of wineries that are among the finest our region has to offer. Each winery brings up to three varietals to pour during the tasting that precedes the dinner and live auction.

2018 Participating Wineries: Check back often for updates as new wineries join us!

Ambassador Wines of Washington

Betz Family Winery

Corliss Estates

Echo Ridge Cellars

Efeste Wines

Guardian Cellars

Kontos Cellars

Latta Wines

Passing Time Wine

Rodney Strong Wine Estates

Solemn Cellars

Sparkman Cellars

Structure Cellars

The Walls Vineyards

New this year! We will offer beer tasting. We welcome:

Harmon Hub

Narrows Brewery

2017 Participating Wineries:

2016 participating wineries:

 2015 Participating Wineries:

The following wineries are our alumni:

  • Adelsheim Cellars
  • Alexandria Nicole Cellars
  • Amavi Cellars
  • Argyle Winery
  • Barnard Griffin Winery
  • Barrister Winery
  • Basel Cellars Estate Winery
  • Bergevin Lane Vineyards
  • Browne Family Vineyards
  • Bunchgrass Winery
  • Cadaretta Winery
  • Chandler Reach Winery
  • Chateau Montelena Winery
  • Chateau St. Jean
  • Cooper Vineyards
  • Corliss Estates
  • Corliss Estates
  • Cougar Crest Winery
  • DeLille Cellars
  • Fidelitas
  • Fielding Hills Winery
  • Five Star Cellars
  • Force Majeure Vineyards
  • Forgeron
  • Freemark Abbey
  • Gingko Forest Winery
  • Gordon Brothers Family Vineyards
  • Guardian Cellars
  • Hedges Family Estate
  • Helix by Reininger
  • Hightower Cellars
  • Holloran Vineyard
  • Isenhower Cellars
  • Kalamar Winery
  • Kestrel Winery
  • Kontos Cellars
  • Long Shadows Vintners
  • Mackey Vineyards
  • Madsen Family Cellars
  • Mark Ryan Winery
  • Matthews Cellars
  • McCrea Cellars
  • Mercer Estates Winery
  • Merryvale Cellars
  • Milbrandt Vineyards
  • Northstar
  • Novelty Hill
  • Ramey Wine Cellars
  • Reininger Winery
  • Sparkman Cellars
  • Spring Valley Vineyards
  • Stags' Leap Winery
  • Terra Blanca Winery and Estate Vineyard
  • Three Rivers Winery
  • Treveri Cellars
  • Walla Walla Vintners
  • Watermill Winery
  • Waters Winery
  • Whitman Cellars
  • Woodhouse Family Cellars