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Patient Cost Estimator

Estimate Your Costs for Care at MultiCare

Individuals who need surgery or other medical procedure can now use our Cost Estimator tool through MyChart to get an idea of what your costs might be as a patient for a number of procedures.

This estimator tool is free to use and is available to you whether you are a current MultiCare patient or not. 

How it works

The cost estimator tool uses information you provide regarding your planned procedure, health insurance information and other elements to generate an estimate for how much you may expect to pay out of pocket for your surgery or other procedure.

The cost estimator currently provides pricing information for several hundred of our most commonly performed procedures. For a complete listing of MultiCare's pricing, you may visit our Pricing Transparency page.

Use Patient Cost Estimator Tool


Before you use our free tool, please keep this information in mind:

Do I need to be an existing patient with MultiCare to use the Patient Cost Estimator Tool?
No, the Patient Cost Estimator Tool is available for both existing patients as well as prospective patients.
Is a MultiCare MyChart account required to use the Patient Cost Estimator Tool?
No, the Patient Cost Estimator Tool is available for anyone to use. If you have an existing MultiCare MyChart, there is an option to sign-in.
Will my bill match what the Cost Estimator gives me?

Pricing results are estimates only. The patient cost estimator offers a general price estimate of the procedure you plan to have. It is not a cost guarantee

Are estimates the same from person to person?

Procedure costs can vary, based on your specific health and medical needs. For example, when considering a hernia repair operation, the surgery for one person may be very straight-forward while another person may have unforeseen complications that will impact their cost.

Are there other costs not included?

The pricing estimate provided to you with this tool does not include costs charged by health care professionals who are not MultiCare employees, but who may be involved in your care, such as physicians, some radiologists and anesthesiologists.