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COVID-19 resources for caregivers

If you are an employee with questions about a possible exposure or employee testing, please contact the COVID-19 Employee Exposure Response Team (CEERT) at 253-403-6440 or [email protected].

Requests and Document Submissions

The COVID Planning Executive Council and several sub-groups lead the efforts to operationalize our approach to COVID-19. For requests or to submit documents for review by the appropriate group, please use the form below.

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Key Updates

The following are some of the latest updates to our employee COVID-19 resources, or are materials frequently searched for.

Key Guidance

Visitor Restrictions

For current visitor restriction signage, please see the Hospital Signage and Ambulatory Signage areas of the Signage section below.

To access other documents and resources, use the links at the top of the page to navigate to each informational section.

Employee COVID-19 Online Assessment

This online assessment tool is intended for employees to use to evaluate if you’re at risk for COVID-19 and what the appropriate next steps should be.

Members of the public may use the online assessment tool found on our public COVID-19 Resource Center.

Take the Employee COVID-19 Assessment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE Guidance



PPE Job Aids

Other Guidance

Protocols / Workflows

Treatment Guidelines


         Adult – Outpatient



Pharmacy and blood products

Other protocols and workflows

Virtual Visits



Please order signage from the MultiCare Print Shop. Most signs can be ordered in two sizes.

These are the only signs currently approved for use:

Vaccine Signage

COVID Graphics Guidance

COVID Graphics

COVID Graphics – Mary Bridge Children’s 

Hospital Signage

Ambulatory Signage

Signage for Other Facilities

Distancing Signage and Materials


Mary Bridge Children’s 




Questions and Suggestions

If you are a MultiCare employee or affiliate and have questions or suggestions about this page, please email us at [email protected]. We are not able to answer questions about care related to COVID-19, but we can answer questions or welcome suggestions about this page. Members of the public can learn more about COVID-19 on our Resource Center page.

COVID-19 resources for the public