April 15 Daily Update

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April 15, 2020 


Employee support programs during the COVID-19 situation. This document lists free and confidential support services provided by MultiCare for employees coping with challenging personal and professional circumstances.

  • Code Lavender offerings now include:
    • New: Employee support hotline that will be staffed 24/7 and go live April 16
    • New: A Leaders Roundtable that meets twice a week starting on April 16, to share COVID-19 leadership challenges and strategies for success
    • Ongoing: Support for work teams/departments through Webex Debriefs
  • You’ll also find information on employee emergency assistance and PTO cash-out options; the employee assistance program; provider wellness; and programs for children and teens.
  • Please reach out and use these MultiCare support resources to take care of yourselves, your colleagues and your families.


N95 reprocessing. Guidance has been updated to communicate that makeup or lipstick on the N95 would be considered “soiled” and would mean the mask could not be reprocessed. Guidance includes a tip sheet on reprocessing and guidelines for emergency use of STERRAD sterilization.


  • MultiCare’s COVID-19 numbers.
    • As of 12pm on April 14, 2020:
      • MultiCare cumulative confirmed cases tested in PSR: 914
      • MultiCare cumulative confirmed cases tested in INW: 83
      • Current system inpatient positive cases:


  • Visitor policy. Visitor restrictions are in effect system wide and posted on this page below under “Visitor Restrictions.”
  • Employee screening guidance. The more comprehensive guidance includes details on employee attestation and additional health screening information, as well as symptomatic and exposed staff guidance, and is posted here below.

Please continue to visit this page for the latest information.

Thank y​ou for all that everyone is doing across the system to support our patients, community and fellow employees during this time.