April 23, 2020 Weekly Update

Update from the System Incident Coordination Center ​​​

April 23, 2020


Reminder: PIO communications shifting to weekly basis. We will now share employee communications once a week on Thursday morning instead of daily. Please continue to use this page as your primary resource for up-to-date policies, our system COVID-19 numbers and the latest information.

Bill’s weekly video.  Hear from MultiCare President and CEO Bill Robertson as he talks about MultiCare’s approach to moving forward and shares more details about the voluntary furlough program.

Video on resilience from June Altaras. Take​ a moment to view June’s video here and listen to her words of encouragement on the importance of resilience and what we can do to acknowledge our fears and foster our own health and wellness.


Updated: Adult COVID-19 treatment protocolThis ​​ guidance is for treatment of adult patients at MultiCare with confirmed COVID-19 infection ​or those at high risk for poor outcomes awaiting confirmation.​

  • Since there is no FDA-approved treatment for COVID-19, recommendations are based on in-vitro data, non-robust trials, and expert opinion.
  • Clinical judgement should be used to weigh the cost/benefit for individual cases.
  • This guideline will be continually updated as more evidence is published.

Updated: Employee screening guidelines. ​Updated employee scree​ning guidelines are available.​ What’s new? Two points of ​clarification:

  • Non-employees (vendors, contractors, etc.) must also attest to their health and will need to include their name on their attestation, since they do not have employee numbers.
  • Even if you do not have the means to take your temperature you must attest that you do not have any of the symptoms listed on the attestation form.

Updated: N95 reprocessing tip sheet. Please reference the reprocessing steps to ensure you’re following the correct procedures to preserve our N95s.​

The tip sheet includes hospital and unit codes for your reference and use.

Hierarchy of decontamination methods for N95s. In response to COVID-19 PPE shortages, this guidance calls out the hierarchy of approved processes which have been investigated and adopted by MultiCare for the safe reuse and reprocessing of N95s.​

  • Our guidance is based on authorized FDA methods for safe reuse and reprocessing of N95s and follows processes recommended by the CDC.
  • N95s are designed to function for days and weeks with airflow consistent with regular breathing and if the seal between the mask and the user is maintained, the respirator will continue to provide effective protection.

Reminder: Scrubs guidance. Please remember that scrubs are not intended for home or personal use and should not be worn unless you are on MultiCare property. Wearing scrubs outside of MultiCare may also create heightened concern for the public about their own potential exposure. Our full policy guidelines on the proper use of scrubs are here.

COVID Convalescent Plasma (CCP) protocol for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. The document provides details on the program which will provide access to investigational convalescent plasma for patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 who have severe or life-threatening COVID-19, or who are judged by a health care provider to be at high risk of progression to severe or life-threatening disease.

Pre-Procedure COVID-19 testing. We are moving forward with operationalizing pre-procedure COVID-19 testing to ensure the safety of our staff and patients.​


Visitor policy. Visitor restrictions continue to be in effect system wide and are posted on this page and

Reminder: Emplo​yee screening guidance. As said above, screening requirements remain in place and details on employee attestation and additional health screening information, as well as symptomatic and exposed staff guidance, is available for your reference on this page.

Please continue to visit this page for the latest information.

Thank you for all that everyone is doing across the system to support our patients, community and fellow employees during this time.