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First-Year ResidentsDr.Ardron-Hudson

Patrick Ardron-Hudson, MD

Home Town: Eugene, Oregon

Medical School: Oregon Health and Science University

Patrick grew up in the woods outside of Eugene, OR and spent most of his adult life in Portland, OR, where he attended Oregon Health and Science University. He is excited about what Tacoma has to offer, enjoying, Point Defiance, the views from everywhere in the city and the city’s walkability. He has interests in public health, LGBTQ health, and acute care.

Joshua Bailey, MDDr.Bailey

Home Town: Littleton, Colorado

Medical School: University of Colorado SOM

Josh was born in Littleton, Colorado. He grew up playing soccer, and playing in the mountains with his supportive family and friends. In the winter this meant snowboarding/skiing, and in the summers this meant mountain biking, trail running, backpacking, camping, horses, and ATV’s. It wasn’t all fun and games though, Josh was often helping with remodeling homes or busy managing a fencing and landscaping business his dad helped him start. Eventually, Josh went off to college. He studied religion and biochemistry at Baylor University (sic 'em Bears), and still prefers the more abstract world of literature, philosophy and religion. Josh’s life course was changed after a medical trip to Kenya where he saw medicine function as an incredible medium to connect with and serve other people. He later taught the MCAT for Kaplan while finishing up his senior year at Baylor, and then came back to beautiful Colorado to attend his state’s medical school.  During medical school his most rewarding activity was helping run a community based participatory research project that addressed racism in the health care setting. It was also during medical school that he re-met a childhood friend, now wife, Bethany. They decided to come to Washington for the incredible full-spectrum training opportunity at TFM, and to explore the picturesque Pacific Northwest. Josh is eventually interested in working in a mountain town with a large Spanish-speaking population. When not doing residency related things, Josh uses his free time to play outdoors, do carpentry, garden, read, or just kick it with Bethany.

Analiesse Carter, MDDr.Carter

Home Town: Moses Lake, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington

Analiesse was born and raised in the small town of Moses Lake, Washington, and lived there through completion of her Associates degree at Big Bend Community College.  She then moved to the west side of the state to attend Western Washington University, where she majored in Behavioral Neuroscience and made best friends with the mice in her neurobiology research lab, studying the link between NMDA receptors and the symptoms of schizophrenia.  After graduating Valedictorian from Western Washington University, Analiesse attended the University of Washington School of Medicine, and was a part of their Targeted Rural Under-Served Track (TRUST program).  Analiesse first traveled to Haiti with a medical mission team in December 2009 - just weeks before the January 2010 earthquake.  After the earthquake, Analiesse returned to Haiti to aid in relief work, and eventually ended up going back again - and again - and again.  Analiesse now runs a program in the mountainous rural regions of Haiti, where she partners with schools for public health and education initiatives.  In January 2015, Analiesse married Paul: an Oregonian blondie with more talent, kindness and athleticism, than she ever dreamed she would be paired with.  Analiesse and Paul were thrilled to Match with Tacoma Family medicine, where Analiesse can pursue her love of full-spectrum family medicine at a top ranked program, and at a location halfway between their two families.  After residency, they plan to move back to the rural parts the Pacific Northwest, where Analiesse can do Family Medicine with OB.  In her free time, Analiesse enjoys playing piano (while her husband sings!), skiing, traveling abroad, spending time with her nieces and nephews, volunteering in local classrooms, hanging out with her co-residents and their spouses, and driving her husband crazy in whatever way she can think up.

Ashley Egger, DODr.Egger

Home Town: Portland, Oregon

Medical School: Western University of Health Sciences

Ashley spent her childhood growing up on Sauvie Island as the daughter of a farmer, eating her fill of berries and peaches every summer. Her hobbies at that time included gymnastics, playing the piano, and being part of a drama team at her church. In college, she moved to Idaho, majored in biology, learned how to pole vault, and developed an obsession with coffee. It was on a medical mission trip to Peru after her sophomore year that she developed a passion for medicine. After college graduation, she traveled with a band for the summer playing the keyboard, and started medical school that fall. During medical school, Ashley's favorite experience was having a heart-to-heart conversation with a patient caught between being scared of dying but having nothing to live for. She loves that medicine will give her an abundance of opportunities to have many more of these heart-to-heart conversations. She is excited about the great people and full-spectrum training at Tacoma Family Medicine, and she plans on mountain biking and snowboarding as much as possible while living here.

Whitney Hine, MDDr.Hine

Home Town: Southbury, Connecticut (but has called the Burlington, VT area home for the past 10 years)

Medical School: University of Vermont College of Medicine

Whitney spent her early years in Southbury, CT with her parents and two sisters and with most of her family close by. In-fact, both sides of her family have lived in the same town since the early-1700’s and her great-grandmother lives in the farmhouse that has been in her family since it was built in the 1760’s. Whitney has wanted to be a doctor since she was a young girl. She got her first hands on experience in medicine in 2004 when she volunteered in a local hospital and took her first EMT class. After graduating from high school, Whitney traveled north to Saint Michael’s College in Colchester, VT. She was actively involved in the St. Michael’s Fire and Rescue program as an EMT crew-chief and driver in one of the states busiest volunteer EMS rescue departments. She was elected as training officer for one year and received a leadership award in 2007. The Class of 2009 awarded Whitney the Donald Sutton Community Service Award for service and leadership to the greater Saint Michael’s community. After graduating magna cum laude, Whitney worked as a medical assistant at an urgent care and a communication specialist for the emergency department in Burlington. It was there that she learned she enjoyed seeing the patients who came in regularly and opened her eyes to primary care medicine. She was grateful to stay in Burlington for medical school where she could continue to enjoy the numerous outdoor activities Vermont has to offer year round, volunteer at the fair, learn to make maple syrup, and continue to volunteer with St. Michael’s Fire and Rescue as an alumni member. During medical school, Whitney worked with the SmileDoc’s program to bring medicine into elementary school classrooms, was on the planning committee for the Community Medical School program, and is a recipient of the Freeman Foundation Legacy Medical Scholarship. She was a member of a group that was awarded a mayoral proclamation for their work on improving medical care for survivors of sexual assault and presented their findings at several venues throughout the state. Whitney has a large “Vermont family” in addition to her family in CT who supported her through medical school and continues to do so.  Whitney is very excited to be at Tacoma Family Medicine for her residency training with hopes of being a small town, full–spectrum family doctor when she is done. Tacoma is a great city to live in with the wonderful people she has the privilege of working with and great patients to teach her how to become the doctor she want to be. When not at work, Whitney likes to hike, kayak, garden, run, knit and sew, and spend time with friends.

Megan Kusko, MDDr.Kusko

Home Town: Allentown, Pennsylvania

Medical School: Georgetown

Meghan Kusko was born the third and best child to two Pennsylvanian settlers from Allentown in February of 1989. Born a Pisces, she grew up swimming competitively and enjoyed yearly family trips to the ocean and lakes in New Jersey and New York. For a long time she thought she wanted to be a teacher, but realized at the end of high school that she’d rather a career where she could combine her own passion for learning with helping others, and from there decided to study medicine. After high school she said goodbye to her collection of stuffed monkeys, and went to Cornell University to study the fascinating interplay between economics and biology. Her senior year of college at a Christmas Party she reconnected with her 9th grade geometry tutee, and has been dating him ever since. From Cornell she left behind her farmers markets and gorges to live in D.C. to attend Georgetown University School of Medicine, where she realized that her favorite part of medicine was connecting with patients and caring for the whole person. She also nurtured her passion for women’s health, and lead Georgetown’s chapter of the American Women’s Medical Association, helping empower women in medicine. She volunteered at Georgetown’s free clinic in the evenings, caring for the underserved homeless populations in D.C.

Meghan chose Tacoma Family Medicine because her goal is to work at a community health clinic focusing on full spectrum family medicine, specifically women’s health and pediatrics. She is also passionate about advocating for and supporting patients suffering from domestic violence.

In her free time Meghan enjoys hiking with her pup, Jodie (a rescue dog), working in her garden to grow Gerbera daisies and strawberries, and watching football in the winter. She also loves spending time with her now fiancé, Michael, who is an ex-PGA golf pro turned apparel salesman and amazing chef. If you are looking for her you can find her at a microbrewery rooting against the Seahawks when they play the Steelers.

Katrina McKellips, DODr.McKellips

Home Town: Alcester, SD

Medical School: Touro University

Katrina was born and raised in rural South Dakota, the youngest and only girl of four in a strong pedigree of dairy and grain farmers. From the beginning, Katrina took a different path. After majoring in chemistry at Creighton University, she set off to West Africa with her newlywed husband to spend two years with the Peace Corps in Togo. She needed some time away--a long, long ways away--to dwell on the decision to pursue medical school. It was here, working to improve girl's education, that the stark realities of a health infrastructure ill equipped to handle the needs of their population struck a chord. After completing her service, she attended Touro University, which offered both osteopathic medical training and a Masters in Public Health. In her spare time, you can find Katrina seeking inspiration in the kitchen, on her bicycle, in the woods, or in a yoga studio. She is passionate about the full spectrum medicine provided at TFM and keeping the rural dream alive.

Tara Olson, MDDr.Olson

Home Town: Puyallup, WA

Medical School: University of Washington

Tara was born and raised in Puyallup, WA and grew up dreaming of traveling the world (and having a collection worthy of a Hobby Hall display at the Puyallup Fair).  Her life goals initially were to be a musician or journalist, and she came close with writing a weekly column on local, all-ages music for the Tacoma News Tribune while in high school.  At the University of Washington, Tara pursued a degree in International Studies, which allowed her to study abroad in Greece and India, complete a thesis on rural women's health in the Himalayas, and play violin in a mariachi band for 4 years.  After college she returned to Puyallup (and the hospital where she was born) to work in the Good Samaritan O.R. while thinking about a career in medicine.  After deciding "sure!", she moved a few miles down I-90 to Bozeman, MT, where she completed a Post-Baccalaureate Pre-Medical program and married an ace newspaper reporter, Danny, who gets to hear her news story pitches every day.

When not working, Tara and Danny like to road trip across the United States, hike, play music together under the name "Tara and the Tarpits," and continue an ongoing cribbage battle.  Through her rotations in medical school they have been fortunate to live in Spokane, WA, Montesano, WA, Grand Coulee, WA, Wenatchee, WA, Fairbanks, AK, Anchorage, AK, and Missoula, MT.  They are happy to be back in the Pacific Northwest and call Tacoma home.  They hope to stay in the PNW, where Tara can practice full spectrum family medicine and endless interesting people, and stories, live.

Second-Year Residents

Nicole Araneta, MDNicole_Araneta_R1

Home Town: Nicki was born and grew up in Southeast Asia (Manila, Philippines; Hong Kong; Singapore) -- the Bay Area, CA is "home" now

Medical School: Northwestern University - Feinberg School of Medicine

Nicki was born in Manila, Philippines. She flew before she could walk, as her family moved to Singapore when she was 6 months old. Later the Aranetas lived in Hong Kong before returning to Manila when Nicki was 10. Her next move was to the Bay Area (Yay! Area), CA for college where Nicki majored in English Literature and met Rob, her person. Like many recent grads who don't yet know what they want to do, she worked as a consultant before realizing/deciding that she wanted to be a physician. Nicki and Rob embarked on a long-distance relationship adventure when she went to Northwestern University in Chicago for medical school. While there she fostered her childhood interest in creative writing through the Medical Writers Roundtable. Nicki was also involved with the Medical Spanish Interest Group, the Oncology Interest Group, and in coordinating the Chinatown Free Clinic. Nicki and Rob took long-distance to the international level when she spent a year as a medical volunteer and health advocate in the highlands of Guatemala. They're both excited to be in Tacoma, WA where Nicki can learn and practice full-spectrum family medicine with TFM. In the lovely Pacific Northwest Rob plans on spending more time outdoors, and on listening patiently when Nicki plays Latin-American news podcasts to maintain her Spanish. Together Nicki and Rob enjoy skiing, reading poetry, napping, and long walks on the beach (no, really, they proposed to each other after a long walk on the beach).

Jessica DiBari, DODiBari, Jessica DO

Home Town: Walnut Creek, California

Medical School: Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences

Jessica was born in Walnut Creek, California and lived there until she was in high school when she moved to Selah, Washington. She attended Western Washington University where she slaved away in the biochemistry lab trying to elucidate the mysteries of protein folding. Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry, she decided to take some time off to travel, ski and try her hand at waiting tables and tending bar. Clumsy though she was, she enjoyed the fast pace of restaurant work but decided to return to science by pursuing a Master’s degree in Chemistry at Portland State University. Realizing that the perfect blend of human interaction and scientific understanding lies in medicine, she then went to medical school at Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. She loves to try to figure out how to flush foreign toilets and will eat just about anything. She speaks Spanish and has volunteered with medical groups in Ecuador and Guatemala. Her interests include skiing, hiking, reading and falling asleep on the couch while watching Law and Order Criminal Intent with her husband.

Anna McLuen, MDMcLuen, Anna MD

Home Town: Renton, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington

Anna grew up in South Seattle and Renton, spending her time playing soccer, basketball, and softball in high school. She decided to go to Willamette University in Salem, OR to keep playing basketball at the collegiate level, where she spent time also volunteering in the ER and at the Humane Society. She studied biochemistry and English literature, and is obsessed with James Joyce’s Ulysses. She had known since she was little that she wanted to be a doctor, but in college learned about the Peace Corps, and decided to take time off between undergrad and medical school to become a volunteer. She was sent to the hills of the Dominican Republic, where she built her own bathroom, fell in love with the rolling hills outside her house, and found a new family. Not surprisingly, she ended up extending her service and staying longer. When she got back from the Peace Corps she tried to volunteer at Sea Mar CHC to keep up her Spanish skills and got asked to be a doula for AmeriCorps for a year, so she spent the next year helping support and educate women throughout the pregnancy and the child birthing process. During this time she applied and got into medical school at the University of Washington. She did her first year in Pullman, WA as part of the WWAMI program. She thrives on the relationships she forms with her patients, and knew from the beginning that family medicine was the only way to go. She loves Tacoma Family Medicine for their focus not only on the physical health of their patients but the social aspects of health as well. In her free time she loves bothering her three Dominican cats, painting, reading, yoga, and cooking. She can make you world famous fajitas and flat delicious cookies, and she will talk your ear off about James Joyce while drinking Malbec if you let her.

Upasana Mohapatra, MDBela_Mohapatra_R1

Home Town: Boulder, Colorado

Medical School: University of Colorado

One of Bela’s happiest memories is growing up in University Family Housing in Boulder, Colorado, where Bela’s mother studied computer science. As a child, Bela loved to dance Bharatnatyam (Indian classical) and math. Bela attended the University of Colorado for college so she could stay near her mother and her sister. There, Bela’s experiences in gender violence prevention, sexual health education, and a summer camp for kids with cancer inspired her to apply to medical school. At the University of Colorado School of Medicine, Bela was a member of the Urban Underserved Track. She helped start a Community Based Participatory Research project on perceived racial discrimination in health care. For this project she worked collaboratively with a group of Denver/Aurora community members of color to document people’s stories and develop action plans to reduce the effects of discrimination. Bela also met her husband and co-intern Stephen in medical school. When it came time to choose a residency program, Bela was so impressed with the learning opportunities, OB training, and people at TFM and the dedication to the underserved that she decided to leave behind the home she loves in Colorado for her residency training. Bela is grateful for the excellent training opportunities in Tacoma and supportive co-residents and faculty.

Kassie Tricola, MDTricola, Kassie MD

Home Town: Othello, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington

Kassie was born and raised in Othello, Washington, a small and quaint farming community in Eastern Washington. She attended college at Washington State University, where she studied Basic Medical Sciences and Psychology. Kassie’s passion for helping others led her to University of Washington School of Medicine, known for its outstanding training in primary care. Attracted to rural practice in Family Medicine early on in medical school, Kassie became part of the WWAMI program. As part of this regional program, she was privileged to get a glimpse of the practice of medicine throughout Washington state, and in Alaska, Idaho and Montana. Kassie knew TFM was the right location for her residency training after seeing firsthand during her subinternship how the program lives up to its mission, educating doctors in full spectrum family medicine to be equipped to care for underserved communities. Kassie is married to Matt, who brings fun, adventure, and balance to her busy schedule. She enjoys getting outside, playing tennis, running, walk-and-talks, and being on the water with friends and family.

Stephanie Wheeler, MDStephanie_Wheeler_R1

Home Town: Santa Cruz, California

Medical School: Georgetown University

Originally from the California coast, Stephanie is well known for her love all things sunshine and ocean. As a strong advocate for the everyday need for sunshine and the nutritional value of vitamin D, and her inaccurate belief that she is in fact cold blooded, she may be found eating lunch or taking a much needed break on a rooftop, or perhaps in the beautiful Wright Park. An avid lover of all things Latin American, she is known to “bump” music genres such as Reggaeton, Cumbia, Bachata and the amazing rock artist known as Manai. Her one goal in life is to practice rural medicine, preferably in a Latin country, or on an island (or an island in a Latin country?) where shoes are often not worn, and in fact recommended against. She is well known for her loud presence, including an extensive collection of bohemian style long skirts, a laugh that can carry throughout the hospital, and endless supply of dry humor. Stephanie has held a plethora of different jobs, including waitress, telemarketer, bartender, special needs nanny, and most notably AmeriCorps member in San Francisco. She believes firmly that the empowerment of communities is the key to excellent primary care, and chose Tacoma Family Medicine for their dedication to the Tacoma urban and rural community, amazing faculty, and overall sweet vibe. Stephanie worked very hard to both get to, and through, medical school and therefore cherishes every opportunity to learn and work with patients. Her skill repertoire includes uncanny ability to find awesome free opportunities, lose things in all places of the hospital, and locking herself out of her car.

Stephen Wills, MDStephen_Wills_R1

Home Town: Colorado Springs, Colorado

Medical School: University of Colorado

Stephen spent much of his early years exploring the mountains of Colorado by foot, bike, and ski. When he wasn’t on outdoor adventures, Stephen experimented with a paintbrush and a trumpet. For college, Stephen’s athletic and artistic leanings and his sense of adventure led him to Williams College in Massachusetts. Stephen competed for the Purple Cows in cross-country and track. When Stephen was a sophomore in college, his father was paralyzed in a ski accident. Stephen stayed with his father through his early hospital recovery. Less than 6 months later, he watched his dad hand-cycle over 100 miles in one day through the Colorado Rockies. Inspired by his father’s ability to take on new challenges, Stephen chose to study abroad in Mongolia and work in Malawi as an Education Peace Corps Volunteer. Ultimately, it was Stephen’s experiences with his father’s spinal cord injury and his work in Mongolia and Malawi that encouraged him to pursue a career in medicine. Stephen returned to Colorado for medical school. There, the Purple Cow fell in love with the Colorado University Buffalo and fellow med-student Bela. Stephen and Bela bonded over their interest in underserved family medicine and decided to couples match into the same specialty. Stephen’s affinity for outdoor recreation and underserved medicine attracted him to TFM. He looks forward to training at a program with outstanding broad spectrum training opportunities and exceptionally supportive co-residents and attendings.

Ashley Yoder, MDAshley_Yoder_R1

Home Town: Gig Harbor, Washington

Medical School: University of Oklahoma

Ashley was born in Tacoma, Washington, but grew up across the Narrows Bridge in Gig Harbor. She attended Peninsula High School, playing soccer, basketball and running long distance in track. For undergraduate school Ashley went to Central Washington University where she majored in Biology and was president of the Pre-Med club. During the 2008-2009 years she volunteered at the local hospital and clinics in E-burg. She graduated in 2009 with honors and began applying to medical schools. While planning her wedding, she worked as a cashier for Fred Meyer in Ellensburg and Port Orchard. Following their marriage in 2010, she and her husband moved to Oklahoma City to begin medical education at the University Of Oklahoma College Of Medicine. While in medical school Ashley traveled to Peru and Nicaragua, working in hospitals and clinics in those countries. While attending OU she became president of the AAFP student chapter Family Medicine interest group. Matching at Tacoma Family Medicine was a dream come true for Ashley and her husband, as it meant that they would be able to come home to family and friends. After her time at Tacoma Family Medicine, Ashley would love to work in a small family practice in a rural community around the South Puget Sound. Ashley loves to spend her free time hiking with her husband, exploring new restaurants, spending quality time with her two cats, knitting, sewing, kayaking, gardening and antiquing.

Third-Year Residents

Ashley Bieker

Ashley Bieker, MD

Home Town: Gig Harbor, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington

Ashley Bieker (nae Schulze) was born an extrovert at Tacoma General and has come full circle by returning as a resident. She grew up bicycling the backwoods of Gig Harbor, raised by a family doc and an anatomy teacher. Her interests included volleyball, the Spanish language, saving the environment, and peanut butter. She began exploring the wider world with a trek to the dorms of the University of Washington in Seattle, eventually majoring in Spanish. This included a year of “study” abroad in Spain where she lived with a host family and made lifelong Andalusian friends who loved dancing until 7 AM and sun-bathing as much as possible. After college she worked as an AmeriCorps volunteer teaching diabetes classes in a Spanish-speaking community health center. She was also a nanny (i.e. snack supervisor and fort-master extraordinaire) for twin three-year old boys before starting medical school at the UW. As a med student she spent two months in Nicaragua and left another piece of her heart in the land of guardabarrancos and gallo pinto. She is fortunate to have married her husband, John, who singlehandedly maintains the household with his culinary prowess and patience with her in general. They are the proud parents of a diabetic cat, Romeo, who is generally non-compliant with her recommendations for weight management via exercise unless it includes a catnip toy or swatting her face at 4am. Aside from being a resident, Ashley’s hobbies include sustaining the neighborhood hummingbird population with her backyard feeder, learning to play the accordion, maintaining a garden of potted plants, and dreaming of getting back into Zumba and yoga. She enjoys a good pun, belting out Latin music lyrics in the car, bubblegum ice cream, the color coral, and tall socks.

Maurine Cobabe

Maurine Cobabe, MD

Home Town: Tokyo, Japan

Medical School: CCLCM of CWRU

Maurine was born in Chicago, Illinois, but grew up in Niigata, Japan (the “Japan Alps,” which are nothing like the real Alps). She returned to the United States for college, attending Brigham Young University, where she studied biochemistry, Japanese and ballroom dance. She narrowly avoided an ill-fated career in dance teaching, and instead attended the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine, a five-year medical school with a heavy research emphasis. There she spent summers, spare time, and her extra research year studying behavioral determinants of health. Her research topics included a systematic review on the efficacy of patient activation interventions in diabetes (now published in JGIM), and the effects of sleep deprivation on epilepsy, for which she was awarded the Epilepsy Foundation Health Sciences Student Fellowship. She met a great mentor there who showed her how exciting the variety and the continuity relationships in Family Medicine can be.  Upon graduation, she finally, happily joined her husband, an Army Linguist, in Tacoma. She plans to practice throughout the country (and maybe the world) until he retires and then settle down in the rural western US to practice full spectrum family medicine. Together, Maurine and her husband enjoy running, canoeing, rock climbing, motorcycling, and volunteering with their church. She has not yet convinced him to dance in public.

Kelly Demeyer-Coursey

Kelly DeMeyer-Coursey, MD

Home Town: Clarkston, Washington

Medical School: Creighton University

Heads over tails. The luckiest number is 8, and the best color is blue. Tuesday is the worst day of the week, and Friday is the ultimate. Waffles beat pancakes. Mayonnaise is better than Miracle Whip (and certainly better than no spread at all, ew). Infectious disease is fascinating, and kidney pathology not quite as much. Pajama pants are a must. Toblerone, yes please. Rock n' roll > Country. Gravity always wins. Kelly D-Coursey has been colorfully labeled as "loud" and "overly enthusiastic," but she is also known for her generous spirit, well-timed words of wisdom, and delicious brownies. In her former life she delivered pizza while also taking x-rays on the weekends with her rad tech degree. She spent her free time attending rehearsal for a dinner theater troupe, which performed at her local country club up to four times a year. A fan of the kitchen, Kelly has often said that if she didn’t go into medicine, she would have attended culinary school. Wife and dog mom. Harpist and music lover. Collector of dragons. Improvisational theater enthusiast. Gamer. How did family medicine become the career path? Because family medicine is for everyone!

Erin Hunt

Erin Hunt, MD

Home Town: Portland, Oregon

Medical School: Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine

Erin hails from Portland, Oregon, and was raised in a time before the Pearl District existed. She graduated from Seattle University in 2004 after majoring in abstract mathematics with an undeclared minor in music. After completing three years of post-baccalaureate work at Portland State University, she headed off to the Midwest to attend Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine, located in Chicago, IL. Her medical school class was so important a road was even named after it. Erin has had a multitude of work experiences including working as a barista, an administrator in a law firm and at a Lutheran Church, a private tutor in mathematics, a hired cellist for art openings and events, a lab instructor for organic and general chemistry, a faculty member at Mount Hood Community College where she helped design a class for making biodiesel, an au pair for a 7 year old on the French Riviera, and a scribe in the emergency department. Her most recent hobby is developing 35mm camera film in her garage. She enjoys exploring industrial areas and nature (they provide good photo opportunities), target practice with her recurve bow , non-competitive double dutch, commuting on bikes, Haruki Murakami, picking berries, grilling dinner (even when the weather makes it difficult), trying to fish, and playing music. In Chicago she played cello in a band called Horse King. In Tacoma she plays cello, guitars, bass, drums, and synthesizers in various combinations with her husband. When she finds a little free time she plans to volunteer at the community bike shop. Erin is married to a creative and supportive gentleman. They have a small orange cat named Bucket and plan to adopt an enormous wolf dog when they have more space and time.

Ravi Kalwani

Ravi Kalwani, MD

Home Town: Warminster, Pennsylvania

Medical School: University of Washington

Ravi hails from suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He grew up as part of a large extended family that spans the entire east coast. As a student at Boston College, he discovered and nourished a passion for working with underserved populations. He did so by volunteering in varying capacities in Boston, rural Appalachia, the US/Mexican border, and India. Ravi also became very active in social activist groups while at Boston College. After graduating, he worked in public health for 2 years—specifically doing research on children’s health and nutrition, and how it related to public assistance programs. He went on to do a post-bacc program in Philadelphia to go to medical school. He was excited to go to the University of Washington, specifically because of his interest in family medicine. While in Seattle he continued his zest for working in underserved communities. Outside of work he is an avid Philadelphia sports fan, enjoys listening to This American Life, David Sedaris, Bill Murray, and the Muppets. He plays racquetball and tennis, watches stand up comedy, spends time with family and friends, and plans extravagant Thanksgiving-related competitions. He is currently engaged to a wonderful woman who also is a Tacoma native; she is a social worker and soccer aficionado.

Erin Locke

Erin Locke, MD

Home Town: WaKeeney, Kansas

Medical School: University of Kansas School of Medicine

Erin was raised in the small, rural town of WaKeeney on the windy plains of Western Kansas. She spent her growing up years with her nose in a book. She later discovered a small talent for distance running, which won her a few state championships and a place on the Cross-Country and Track team at the University of Notre Dame. Her undergrad education was focused on social justice and ethics, and she spent her summers working in an academic camp for underserved children in Kansas City, Missouri. She then completed a combined MD/MPH program at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, graduating at the top of her class. Her research on provider retention in underserved areas took her to Washington, D.C., where she presented at a national conference and lobbied on Capitol Hill. Erin was heavily involved in the Family Medicine Interest Group, the Kansas Academy of Family Physicians, and JayDoc (a clinic run by students for the underserved). She won the National Rural Health Association’s Student Leadership Award in 2013. She now serves as a resident co-trustee to the Washington Academy of Family Physicians. Her hobbies include photography, reading, and hiking. She loves to travel, and her favorite trip was on safari in Tanzania. While at home she spends the majority of her time catering to the whims of Harley and Jasper, her two fat and very spoiled cats.

Rebeca Mandell

Rebecca Mandell, MD

Home Town: Bellevue, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington

Rebecca loves meeting interesting people and hearing their stories, which meant that medicine — specifically family medicine — was a natural fit. As for her story, she grew up in the Seattle area, where early on she learned to relish the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. She attended Brown University, where she studied English and Human Biology. She spent a semester studying wildlife ecology in Tanzania, and took a semester to travel independently through Central and South America, both formative experiences that further cultivated her curiosity about people and cultures. After college, Rebecca took a circuitous route — from leading a service program in Costa Rica to managing volunteers at a Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, before landing at the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, where she managed a global health research project focused on measuring health in resource poor countries. She realized that she wanted to gain the skills to affect change on a more direct service level, which led her to the University Of Washington School Of Medicine. While there, she had the good fortune to complete a longitudinal family medicine rotation (WRITE) at a CHC in Helena, Montana, with a focus on advocacy and underserved populations. Tacoma Family Medicine was an easy choice for her, with the draw of an unparalleled OB experience, fantastic inpatient medicine and pediatrics, and a strong service focus. When not at the hospital or clinic, Rebecca can be found long-distance running along the Tacoma waterfront, biking around Point Defiance Park, hiking in the Cascade or Olympic mountains, visiting her adorable baby nephew in Seattle, or hanging around with her husband, Blair, and their beloved dog, Ginger.

Anna Maria Pletz

Anna Maria Pletz, MD

Home Town: Seattle, Washington

Medical School: University of Washington

Why Tacoma? TFM topped my list for a myriad of reasons! The program itself offers excellent broad-spectrum training, including a phenomenal education in obstetrics and pediatrics that is often difficult to come by in Family Medicine residency. The people here — the residents, fellows, faculty, nurses, other staff — are supportive, respectful, fun, constantly seeking to do the best by patients in every circumstance, with a down-to-earth and proactive approach that inspires me daily. TFM continues to live out its multi-generational legacy of producing: well-rounded, compassionate family physicians who can work anywhere, from urban inner-city to rural countryside, resource-rich or –poor; as well as leaders active in health care policy and education. In addition, Tacoma itself is a hidden gem, humbly nestled in the midst of spectacular mountains and seaside and so offering immediate access to the best of the NW outdoors, while also demonstrating a culture of warmth and community engagement.

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