​Breast Ultrasound

A Painless and Non-Invasive Procedure to Evaluate Breast Abnormalities

MultiCare Deaconess Hospital uses ultrasound as a painless, non-invasive way to diagnose a variety of diseases and conditions without the use of radiation, making them a familiar procedure during pregnancy. Sometimes called sonography, ultrasounds bounce high-frequency sound waves off the body to produce a real-time picture of the internal structures, including organ formation, movement and blood flow.

Breast ultrasound, also known as sonography or ultrasonography, is frequently used to further evaluate breast abnormalities that are found with screening or diagnostic mammography or during a clinical breast exam done by your provider. Breast ultrasound can be used to observe and guide a needle for several interventional procedures, including cyst aspiration, fine needle aspiration, large core needle biopsy and needle localization before surgical breast biopsy.

Breast ultrasounds are also used to assess breast implants for leakage or rupture. Breast inflammation, where pockets of infection or abscesses may form, can also be diagnosed and monitored by ultrasound.

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