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Diabetes Management

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For Those with Type 1, Type 2 or Pregnancy-related Diabetes

MultiCare Health System's diabetes services are available for people diagnosed with Type 1, Type 2 or pregnancy-related diabetes. MultiCare's program is accredited by the American Diabetes Association (ADA). At each visit or class, you will receive education and instruction by a pharmacist and/or a registered dietician experienced in diabetes treatment.

Clinic Introduction

Your physician will need to complete a referral for you to be seen for diabetes education and services. You will be contacted by the clinic staff to schedule an initial appointment.

Services Provided

We offer the following group education classes:

  • “Take Charge” Comprehensive Diabetes Education Series
    • Designated for adults with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes
    • 1-hour pre-class assessment
    • 3 week class (2.5 hours per session)
    • 3 month follow-up session with diabetes educator
  • Gestational Diabetes Program
    • Designed for mothers-to-be and partners to learn diabetes management during pregnancy
    • 2.5 hour session offered weekly

Classes provide comprehensive diabetes education on the following topics:

  • Blood sugar monitoring (glucose meter provided)
  • Signs/symptoms and treatment of high and low blood sugar
  • Treatment options and diabetes medications
  • Preventing complications and proper foot care
  • Physical activity
  • Care during illness
  • How to live with diabetes

Individual sessions are also available.

Advanced diabetes self-management is also available. Pharmacists are able to help you:

  • Learn how to inject insulin
  • Adjust your insulin doses
  • Assist with insulin pump management by giving instructions and adjusting settings

Our pharmacists can help fine-tune your blood sugar control through use of a professional continuous glucose monitoring system (iPro). A device is inserted on the body and blood sugar is recorded every 5 minutes 24 hours each day. The device is left on the body for several days. The iPro can help reveal high and low blood sugar readings. An analysis is preformed and personal recommendations are offered.

Benefits of Using MultiCare Diabetes Clinic

There are many reasons to choose MultiCare Diabetes Clinics:

  • The clinic is staffed by pharmacists and registered dieticians who have extensive experience in diabetes management
  • Group classes allow you to learn and bond with other people who are diagnosed with diabetes
  • You will receive individualized patient counseling to help meet your needs
  • Family members and/or caregivers can be included in the visits
  • All documentation is done electronically, which gives MultiCare providers directly involved in your care access to the results

Contract of Care

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please notify the office to reschedule. Failure to keep your appointments could result in termination from the program. Please notify the clinic if your telephone number changes.


Good Samaritan Health Resource Center
2622 South Meridian Street
Puyallup, WA