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Answers to Your Questions

What is Dispatch?

MultiCare's partner, Dispatch, is bringing back the house call with a modern technology twist. Dispatch gives patients ways to access convenient, high-quality acute care in the comfort of their home, skilled nursing facility, or other location of need. Dispatch is redefining the health care landscape as an extension of a patient’s health care team and offering solutions for simple to complex medical problems all from the comfort of your home.

Who are the Dispatch providers?

Dispatch’s providers are board-certified doctors, physician assistants and nurse practitioners with significant experience diagnosing and treating sick or injured patients in the emergency department. Dispatch arrives on scene with a nurse practitioner and a medical technician via our vehicle with a board-certified Emergengency Department doctor always available to provide support remotely. Using the Dispatch mobile app to request care even allows you to see which providers from the Dispatch medical team will be arriving to treat you, allowing for an additional sense of security and comfort.

What conditions can Dispatch treat?

Dispatch can treat a wide range of acute (sudden and unexpected) illnesses and injuries. Examples include respiratory infections (such as bronchitis, croup), sinusitis, sore throat (strep, mono), urine and skin infections, minor trauma (sprains, minor breaks), lacerations, nosebleeds, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, vomiting/diarrhea, inability to urinate, constipation and dehydration.

What treatment capabilities does Dispatch possess?

Our mobile practitioners arrive with both their Emergency Medicine expertise and advanced laboratory testing capabilities. Any test results are immediately available and help direct your care. We also can administer IV medications and antibiotics, repair cuts, place catheters, cauterize and pack nosebleeds and splint injured extremities. Information about your entire visit can be shared with your regular doctor to ensure continuity of care.

Is Dispatch meant to replace my doctor?

No. Dispatch is a complement to your regular doctor and any home health care you are receiving. Our goal is to help integrate our care with that of your current caregivers. Primary care providers can be extraordinarily busy. Dispatch can act as the “eyes and ears” on the ground for your doctor when you require immediate care and they are unable to see you.

What insurances does Dispatch accept?

We are contracted (in-network) with all major payers including Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, Cigna, Humana, Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield, Denver Health Medical Plan, Elevate and Bright Health in Colorado. Dispatch will bill your insurance company for the services rendered. If you are having difficulties determining if our services our in-network, please try using our legal name True North Health Navigation, LLC, or call us directly to discuss further.

How do I pay for Dispatch services?

In many cases, Dispatch will bill your insurance company. You may contact our billing department if you have any questions regarding your bill. If you do not have insurance or we are not contracted with your insurance company, you will be charged a flat rate of $275 per visit for all the care delivered. Dispatch can accept payment at the time of treatment via credit card.

How much does a Dispatch visit cost?

Dispatch visits typically run between $150-$300 and the percentage of the total bill you’re responsible for is determined by your insurance plan. On average, most patients pay $40-$50 after insurance. Dispatch will bill your insurance directly. If patients are uninsured, Dispatch charges a flat rate of $275 at the time of treatment, which can be paid via credit card. This flat rate is for everything that we do, including medications delivered, procedures performed and any lab tests obtained.

Does Dispatch keep my information private?

Absolutely. Dispatch has a strict privacy policy that adheres to HIPAA guidelines. Review our privacy policy online anytime.

How do patients or vendors express a compliance concern?

Dispatch takes compliance seriously. As such, we have provided multiple options to report any compliance concerns. These options are designed to provide additional protection, including reasonable steps to maintain your anonymity, should you identify a compliance concern. You may send your concern(s) anonymously in writing to the Compliance Officer at 3455 Ringsby Ct. #102 Denver, CO 80216. You may also report a compliance concern by using the “compliance hotline” at 303-532-1444 or emailing [email protected]

Request Care Now

Request a house call now through Dispatch's website, mobile app for Apple or Android devices, or by phone at 253-271-9720.