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Domestic Violence Services

Confidential Counseling and Support

MultiCare Behavioral Health offers counseling for victims of domestic violence in a safe and confidential environment. Our professional staff offers direction, hope and solution-based therapy.

How We Help

Our services include:

  • Weekly support group for victims, providing education and support along with understanding from other victims who are also determined to survive domestic violence by problem-solving together.
  • Consultation with specialists on domestic violence involving older adults, ethnic minorities, developmentally delayed adults or gay/lesbian individuals.
  • Advocacy, information and referral services via phone contact with our domestic violence specialist

NO bills are sent for our services, so there is no paper trail that could get back to the individual committing the violence or abuse.

You Are Not Alone

To get help from MultiCare Behavioral Health's Domestic Violence services, call

Additional Resources for Help

Crystal Judson Family Justice Center

  • Visit their website
  • Call their Domestic Violence Helpline: 253-798-4166

Washington State Domestic Violence Hotline

Call: 800-562-6025

The Domestic Violence Trap

  • Is fear being used to control you?
  • Do you need permission to leave?
  • Are threats forcing you to remain silent?
  • Do you constantly worry that another episode of rage will be triggered?
  • Are you told you're crazy? Are you beginning to believe it?

We're here to help.

MultiCare Behavioral Health Domestic Violence Services
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