Voice and Swallowing

Talk to an ENT Professional About Your Options

Voice Changes & Hoarseness

Voice Changes: can be temporary and due to a cold or laryngitis. If a breathy or raspy voice persists for more than a few weeks, a more serious condition such as vocal cord paralysis, nodule or polyp may be present. Endoscopic evaluation can rule out these and other serious conditions of the larynx including cancer and allow for appropriate treatment. Laryngoscopy can be performed in the convenience of an ENT office under local anesthesia. Recent advancements have allowed rapid restoration of normal voice in many cases, including even cases of vocal cord paralysis. Talk to an ENT professional about your options.

Swallowing Disorders

Swallowing Dysfunction: Can be associated with certain conditions of the larynx and/or muscles of the mouth and throat. A comprehensive swallowing evaluation involves laryngoscopy as well as evaluation of swallowing by a speech and swallowing pathologist.