Head & Neck


Skin Cancer: If you have a skin lesion in the head and neck that is growing, changing size, crusts or bleeds and does not seem to heal, have your doctor check it. ENT surgeons have expertise in not only removing skin cancers and but also in use of surrounding tissues and reconstructing the subsequent defects that may occasionally be quiet large.

Head and Neck Tumors: Other masses in the head, neck and throat can also be evaluated by ENT specialists. Call for evaluation that may include biopsy and imaging studies.

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Scar Revision

Unsightly scars or keloids from prior surgery and trauma do not have to be permanent. ENT surgeons can address these scars using various techniques to help leave a less noticeable mark on your body.

Facial Nerve Disorders

Facial Nerve Disorders (Bell's Palsy): Paralysis of one side of the face that can be caused by tumors, viruses, stroke and, at times,  unknown causes. Careful evaluation by an Ear Nose and Throat specialist can help rule out treatable causes while administering anti-inflammatory and anti-viral medications to help restore facial motion. In cases of permanent paralysis, surgical procedures and administration of Botoxâ„¢ can help to partially restore the function and appearance of the face.