COVID-19 Vaccine Updates

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Sinus & Allergy

Diagnosing and Treating a Wide Range of Nose and Sinus Issues

Nasal Allergies and Congestion

Nasal allergies and congestion can lead to blockage of the nose and the drainage pathways of the sinuses. MultiCare Ear Nose and Throat specialists can help with various disorders of the nose and sinuses including nasal congestion, frequent sinus infections (sinusitis), prolonged sinus infections (chronic sinusitis). Treatment options include advanced medical therapy, environmental allergy testing and treatment, as well as endoscopic and minimally invasive sinus surgery.

Allergy Testing and Allergy Shots

Allergy testing and allergy shots are offered at many of our ENT locations including Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Puyallup and Auburn. Treatment of underlying allergies not only helps with many nasal and sinus disorders but may also help improve symptoms resulting from asthma and hay fever.  

Deviated Septum, Nasal Valve Collapse and Nose Surgery

If treatment with medications are not effective, endoscopic procedures can help alleviate obstructions in the nose and sinuses to improve breathing and drainage. New technologies such as computer-guided stereotactic navigation have made sinus surgery more precise and less invasive than ever. Additionally, our doctors are experts at post-operative topical therapy, including drug eluting implants to help achieve the best possible post-operative outcome.

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