Sinus & Allergy

Diagnosing and Treating a Wide Range of Nose and Sinus Issues

Nasal Allergies and Congestion

Can lead to blockage of the nose and the drainage pathways of the sinuses. Physicians at MultiCare Ear Nose and Throat can help with various disorders of the nose and sinuses including nasal congestion, frequent sinus infections (sinusitis), prolonged sinus infections (chronic sinusitis). Treatment modalities offered include advanced medical therapy, environmental allergy testing and treatment, as well as endoscopic and minimally invasive sinus surgery.

Allergy Testing

This includes environmental and food allergy testing, as well as immunotherapy and allergy consultation/education.

Deviated Septum and Nose Surgery

When the nose is blocked and breathing through it is impeded, this may indicate an anatomic blockage of air flow in the nose. This can result from deviation of the middle wall of the nose (septal deviation) or narrowing of nasal passages for other reasons. These deformities are often in-born or caused by trauma to the nose. Fortunately, surgical treatment of deviated septum (septoplasty) and other nasal deformities (rhinoplasty) using modern techniques can significantly improve breathing.