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Giving Birth Meaning- Deaconess Evening Class Series (two weeks)

7/08/2019 - 7/15/2019, 5:30 - 8:30pm

Giving Meaningful Birth is devoted to learning the nuances of the journey through labor and delivery. We know how very important your Birth Experience is. At Deaconess, this class will introduce natural breathing exercises and relaxation techniques for you and your birth coach to practice at home. Birthballs will be utilized and exercises outlined to prepare both your body and mind for birth.

We will also take time for small guided imagery segments to show the benefits of relaxation in labor and view short birth-stories. Our nurses walk you through the logistics of labor and how your body will prepare to bring your baby into the world. You will learn how to best time your arrival at Deaconess as we discuss your options for both natural and medicated births.

We want you to choose the birth that is RIGHT for You!

Which means that we discuss possible medical interventions, such as IV pain medications, an epidural and labor augmentation. The emphasis of this class is to introduce your birth choices, answer any questions you may have and help you visulize and prepare for the birth you and your coach are striving for. A detailed tour of our Labor and Delivery Unit and BirthWise is also provided with this class.

Please note: at Deaconess we want to fulfill the needs of our busy families so our Prepared Childbirth classes will be offered as a 2-part evening series (weekly or in the same week) or as an all-day Saturday option. Only one registration is needed per couple- FOR THE MONDAY SERIES THE SECOND CLASS WILL ALWAYS BE THE FOLLOWING MONDAY AT THE SAME TIME. FOR THE WEDNESDAY SERIES THE SECOND CLASS WILL ALWAYS BE THE FOLLOWING WEDNESDAY AT THE SAME TIME.


Where exactly is this class located at Deaconess? The Deaconess Maternity Center is separate from the main part of Deaconess and NOT the DHEC building where you may go for appointments. This is where you'll go to have your baby. It is on the corner of 5th and Wall and is a 3-story building. Take the Maternity Centerelevator to the 2nd floor. The elevator signs say "Childbirth and Newborn Education- floor 2." Then hang a left down the hall. The classrooms are on your right and left.

Where do I park for class? We apologize that our parking is no longer free. You may park in the parking garage located below the Maternity Center on the corner of 5th and Wall for $3 or on the street. Again, this is NOT where you park for prenatal appointments. You can enter the parking garage driveway off of 5th avenue. There is a black sign with an arrow to look for on 5th Avenue. There is often free parking around Lewis and Clark High school in the bus zone after hours.

I heard this class was free? It is FREE for our Deaconess families! If you are planning to deliver at here we include it as a part of your Birth Experience. We want all parents to feel prepared and excited and ready for the birth of your baby. Please enter the Promo Code "Deaconess" when you register- ENTER IT AS SOON AS YOU SELECT THE CLASS DATE! IT IS A SKY-BLUE TAB. If you enter your credit card information you will be charged and you missed the spot where the PROMO CODE DEACONESS needs to be entered when you started the registration process!

What should I bring to the classes? Our instructors have your comfort and learning as their top priorities. We want you to feel comfortable here at Deaconess. Please wear layered, stretchy clothing as we will be exercising and stretching with you. You are encouraged to bring a water bottle and light snacks to class.

Wendy has been a Labor and Delivery nurse with an Inpatient Obstetric Certification for more than 20 years. Her passion is helping women experience the birth they want and to feel confident and unafraid during the birthing process. When not attending to the miracle of having babies, she enjoys reading, knitting, traveling with her husband, cooking for her young adult sons and snuggling with her miniature golden doodle.

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MultiCare Deaconess Hospital - Childbirth Classrooms
800 W 5th Avenue
Spokane, WA 99204
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