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Upcoming Events


Baby Steps: Building Ambulation Interventions for Infants and Young Children with Posture and Movement Dysfunction

8am - 5pm

This course is being Rescheduled for end of June 2020. Specific dates will be announced soon


Functionally Assessing and Treating Visual Processing, Visual Perception and Visual-Motor Deficits

8am - 5pm

This engaging course dives into visual anatomy, assessment, and treatment for therapists in a wide range of settings (school-based, acute care, rehab, LTC facilities).


Introduction to NDT in Pediatrics: Facilitating Movement for Function

8:30am - 5pm
The course will introduce attendees to the principles of NDT as it relates to the treatment of the child with a neuromuscular disorder for improved control of the trunk, lower extremities and upper extremities with the goal of increasing their independence and function.

Kim Barthel - Neuro-Developmental Treatment for the Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder:Treating the Movement Challenges of ASD

8:30am - 5pm

This course will take the concepts of NDT and bridge them into the analysis and treatment of posture and movement in ASD. 


Acutely Adorable: Pediatric Therapeutic Interventions in Acute Care and Beyond

8am - 5pm
This intensive course will focus on evidence-based care and clinical problem-solving skills for complex pediatric patients who are acutely ill.

Treatment of the Pediatric Pelvic Floor: Birth to Eighteen

9am - 4:45pm
This two day course will cover pelvic floor issues for the child from birth through adolescence.  The treatment of the child with cerebral palsy, spina bifida, autism will be discussed from both the point of view of a pediatric developmental therapist and as a pelvic floor physiotherapist.