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Start 2016 on the right foot with these healthy recipes and tips from our experts.

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4 ways to celebrate National Oatmeal Month

A whole month dedicated to oatmeal? We celebrate with four recipes, including this breakfast apple muesli, for a tasty and healthy start to your day.

6 tips for sticking with your New Year's resolutions

Successful resolutions require more than just new running shoes. Our psychologists weigh in with advice on sticking to the plan you set for yourself.
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Skip the hype: Try a healthy cleanse

Try a "cleanse" that's actually good for you (hint: it doesn't involve expensive juice).
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Why I'm choosing bariatric surgery: 4 myths debunked

Join Jennifer on her weight loss journey. Here, she explores misconceptions about bariatric surgery.
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Do Something Healthy!

Join us Jan. 21 in Tacoma to hear Olympic gold medalist Amanda Beard share her inspirational story at MultiCare’s 16th annual Do Something Healthy event.
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