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A Seattle Affair to Remember!

Tree Designers: Carrie Crookshank, Martine De Lisle, June Everson, Megan Schaan, and the Tacoma General NICU team

What inspired you to design for Mary Bridge’s Festival of Trees?

We have a passion for our pediatric population, especially our neonates!  We love what we do as well as what the Festival of Trees represents; we see daily the struggles of families emotionally, and we know the importance of having some financial burden lifted and the impact that makes.

How long have you been involved with the Festival of Trees?

Our team this year is very blended; we have members who have been doing the Festival of Trees for many years and a couple of new members this year!  We have built a team with experience as well as bringing a fresh set of ideas to the decorating table!

Do you have a favorite theme and genre? 

Our theme this year is "A Seattle Affair to Remember!" 

What is your inspiration for this year’s tree?

Our tree will be all glitz and glam to represent Seattle on New Year's Eve! 

What packages are you planning to include with your tree? 

We hope to acquire tickets (or donations) to our local Seattle/Tacoma area attractions to make our tree truly an "affair to remember!" If you are interested in making an in-kind donation to this tree, please contact June Everson.

Jackson Hole Tree

Donate today to this amazing tree!

Make sure to note in the comment section this donation is for the TG NICU tree.

Photograph courtesy of Kristin Zwiers from of the 2016 Festival of Trees.